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8 Best Cash Back Apps you need to try in 2023

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by | Aug 25, 2023

Cashback apps can’t make you rich, but help you save what you buy. Looking for the best cashback app to make money for free on shopping? These apps for making money can be easily downloaded on your device easily. You can earn money and get gift cards and Cashback. Shopping online, playing games, and answering surveys can make money quickly and easily.In this blog we came up with 8 Best Cash Back Apps you need to try in 2023.

Using a cashback app is a great way to control your personal finances. If you’re a good shopper who wants to save money you’ve already spent, read about how cashback apps and browser extensions can help. I’ve found some that are worth a look. Let’s dive into the article:


Ibotta is a famous cashback app that lets you make cash bonuses when shopping at grocery stores and other favored retail stores. Act as a receipt-scanning app. You can download the mobile app or add browser extensions to find offers. After that, each benefit must be activated.

Each campaign displays the amount of money. Scan your receipt or link your store’s point card to get a cashback. The Ibotta app can withdraw cashback revenue whenever your account reaches a minimum of $20. There is also a way to exchange Cashback for gift cards, which can also be used for a minimum of $20-25.

Ibotta is one of the best cashback apps because it features thousands of retail stores, including Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, and Dollar General. Ibotta is a very popular retailer that is featured in this app, and it’s no wonder that Ibotta is one of the best apps to get extra Cashback when buying.


  • There are many kinds of products. With Ibotta, you can get Cashback for grocery or non-food shopping. It is a free app.
  • Find the best deals. Whether you’re shopping in the app, using browser extensions, or looking for a specialized or “any brand” rebate, offers are easy to find and claim.
  • Quick refund. You can receive Cashback within 24 hours by linking to your point account or uploading your receipt.
  • Payment options. You can send it to your account or PayPal account or purchase a gift card.


  • The campaign cannot be applied after purchase. To get Cashback from Ibotta, you must apply for an offer before purchasing it.
  • Account maintenance fee. If you have not used Ibotta for 180 days, you will be deducted $3.99 from your earnings unless you have used at least one offer during that period.


Dosh is one of the best grocery cashback apps, and money comes back with grocery shopping. You can get benefits not only from food but also from dining out and hotel reservations.

Different retailers offer different amounts of Cashback, but most are between 2% and 3%. Some retailers give up to 10% or 15%, while others give only 1.5%.

Dosh partners with multiple retailers and online vendors, so if you shop at more than 100 different retailers, a percentage of your purchase price will be refunded to your bank account.

Once you earn a reward on Dosh, the reward goes into your Dosh wallet, and you can cash out if you save up to $25. After the cash-out, it will take 3-5 business days for the Cash to be deposited into the desired account. You can receive funds from PayPal, Venmo, or bank debit cards.


  • Rewarded automatically
  • Rewarded with referral
  • Rewarded with hotel reservations
  • Many popular local retail stores
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Get $5 with a referral code


  • To earn rewards, you need to use a linked debit card.
  • Inactive accounts are subject to maintenance costs
  • Available in the US only
  • Not all cards can be linked.
  • They are less rewarded than other referral programs.


Like Rakuten, it has partnered with thousands of stores to gain Cashback on shopping. Become a free member of BeFrugal and earn up to 40% money return at more than 5,000 stores. BeFrugal also collects thousands of exclusive coupons and promotional codes along with these rebates.

Also, BeFrugal is confident that the promo code is up-to-date, and in the unlikely event that there is a promo code that cannot be used, we will give you $5. In addition, BeFrugal compares with other cashback sites to ensure they are the best.

If you find a higher rate on another cashback site, BeFrugal matches that rate and Cashback another 25%. New members have a $10 welcome gift, and if a friend you introduce gets $10 or more cashback within a year, you’ll receive $10 for each friend you introduce.

Cashback is available by check ($25 minimum), bank transfer (no minimum), or PayPal (no minimum). It can also be utilized to buy gift cards, often with a bonus of 1%-6%.


  • A user-friendly interface with all features available on the homepage
  • 40% cashback for most purchases
  • No minimum usage limit – If you only buy one product at one shop, it will be cashed back!
  • Rich Payment Options
  • 5,000+ Cashback Eligible Stores
  • No minimum payment limit


  • No cash back for store purchases
  • Cache back may take a long time to propagate


Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates – offers rebates and Cashback for purchases in stores or online. It is available as an extension of the mobile app or browser and also provides an online shopping portal.

Apps generally work the same way as the predecessor tools in this list. Consumers can also use websites and apps to search for great deals and see high-profile merchants. Rakuten’s browser extension automatically searches for and applies promo codes and cashback campaigns when shopping online.


  • Some merchants can only be found in Rakuten, such as Nike and Target.
  • The website is clean and easy to see. You can see many good items in one place.
  • Rakuten regularly runs campaigns to Cashback up to 10% of its Cash, usually between 1% and 2%.
  • If you spend $30 within 90 days, you get a $30 welcome bonus. If you buy anyway, this is free money.


  • Rakuten is the most marketing email of all the apps and extensions I’ve registered. However, your account will still be active even if you stop sending emails.
  • Cashback is paid only once a quarter, so you will have to wait quite a bit. It will take time to save the minimum balance of $5, which will be fine for most people.


Upside has Cashback when buying gasoline, fast food, and other daily necessities. It specializes in gas stations and is available at more than 45,000 gas stations across the country, including shells, mobiles, snow trucks, and racetracks. In addition, it can also be used in Popeyes, Burger King, Piggly Wiggly, etc.

Discover an offer on the app, disburse with a credit or debit card, check-in, and receive a cashback. If you cannot check-in, you can also take a picture of the receipt and upload it. Cashback can be used via PayPal, for direct transfer to a bank account, or as an e-gift card. Unlike some apps, no minimum cashback amount is required to cash out.

Tap the balance at the top right of the app to cash in your Upside earned Cash. Tap Cash Out and select Bank Transfer, Gift Card, or PayPal. After that, follow the prompts.


  • You can see a map of nearby gas stations to see which one offers the best Cashback.
  • Cashback is paid by PayPal or check, and the minimum balance is not required.
  • A generous introduction program consisting of a one-time bonus and a regular full-tank bonus. Every time the introduced friend fills up the gas, you’ll get a discount per gallon on your next refueling.


  • Cashback is not done automatically. You need to “check-in” or add a receipt photo to the app. However, it is not a big annoyance.
  • Remember that the most expensive cashback campaign isn’t the most affordable.


Flipp is an app that offers you money back when you shop at your favorite grocery store. If you buy a product using Flipp, you will be able to pay for it.

First, install the application. Next, select the store you want to receive Cashback. In addition, select the cards you want to use with Flipp: credit or debit cards only or both credit and debit cards (including Apple Pay). When this is over, let’s start shopping!

Flipp displays the benefits you can earn by scanning the receipt after each transaction made using one of these linked cards before the user checks out and accurately shows how much money you’ll get back once all transactions are successfully completed within 24 hours.

It includes free gift cards and coupons used at the checkout counter.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Perfect for grocery shopping
  • Better search
  • Easy to download and use without sign-up


  • Available only in the United States and Canada
  • Have an inflexible range of products to shop for



Like Dosh, Drop apps get points if you spend money at a partner with a linked card. Download the app, link one or more credit cards, and the application will take care of the leftovers.

Points are rewarded for daily use, such as riding a restaurant or Uber. You can also browse special campaigns in the app to maximize your rewards (but spend only a little to save!). Drop is a fun cashback site where you can get “drops” by shopping from the app. The registration method is simple: enter your credit card information and choose the top five vendors.

When you start online shopping with those vendors from the Drop app, you earn points according to the amount you use.

Founded in 2015, Drop currently has more than 3 million users and is a legal way to earn rewards by shopping with your favorite vendors.


  • Consistent point value
  • It can be used with other cashback sites
  • Be rewarded even for stores that usually have no discount


  • It is overused
  • Benefits are available via gift card only


One of the market research apps that users earn by answering market research and tasks. The task is customized based on the user’s taste and the consumer’s habits. Users are tasked with answering questions about their products and services, making comments, and testing them.

Register with the app and provide basic information, including information about your preferences and consumption habits. You’ll receive a message with new surveys and tasks when you’re done.

You can earn a reward in iPoll Currency” and use it as a gift card or cash it from $10 through PayPal. Share your honest impressions of products and services through simple voting and prototype testing.

This app’s survey is short, so try to answer as many surveys as possible. This app can be customized, so try answering the ones that are easy to interest you. When you register, you can automatically apply for the $10,000 prize, which is held four times a year.


  • The site is free to participate and user-friendly.
  • Decide on the survey you want to participate in, and you will be invited to a survey related to you.


  • This site competes with other survey apps and websites. However, survey rewards are generally relatively low.
  • Not all surveys in the app can be automatically enlisted. That is, you may miss out on high-paying surveys.

What is a cashback app?

The cashback app exchanges money and benefits for Cash when you make eligible purchases. These purchases take place in the form of groceries, gasoline, online shopping, or other everyday shopping.

Companies that develop these apps are partnering with brands and retailers. It acts as a marketing tool for stores and products by giving shoppers direct incentives to make specific purchases.

Cashback apps usually don’t make a big deal right away. However, if you use it constantly, your earnings will accumulate over time. You can make hundreds and thousands of bucks a year. Here you can learn more best Sites to work as a Freelance writer to earn extra.

Cashback App Type

The cashback app is one way if you are looking for a simple way to save money. But not all cashback apps work the same way. Here are some of the available types.

Earn Points: Some of the best cashback apps give you points back. The more you shop and spend, the more points you earn. In the end, you can exchange points for cashback or gift cards.

Get Cashback: The best cashback app is cash rewards are everything. Each purchase adds a certain cashback amount and accumulates until you can cash out.

You can exchange the Cashback for cash or gift cards.

Receipt scanning app: Some cashback apps require uploading or scanning receipts after shopping. After that, points and Cash are returned according to the target shopping.

Card Link Rewards App: Some of the best cashback apps require linking your credit or debit card. That way, the app will be able to check when you make the desired shopping. For those who want to avoid the hassle of scanning receipts, the app will tell you when they’ve received the benefit.

How does a cashback app work?

The concept of earning money using a free app may be false. So how does this work? You usually need to create an account and download the mobile app or web browser extension to get started. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to browse through a list of valid items to begin shopping for perks and instant discounts.

For example, you can create an account on Honey and download the company’s Chrome web browser extension. Then, each time you visit a partner store of the company, an alert of valid bargain information is displayed.

Other apps have different mechanisms. Fetch Rewards allows you to upload receipts and online receipts for products you’ve already purchased. If these receipts contain the products, you can receive rewards wherever you purchase them.


Another way to get money back from grocery shopping

Credit card

Cashback A credit card is a type of reward credit card that provides Cashback for users’ purchases. These cards can be used wherever credit cards are available and offer a wide range of consumer benefits, including significant discounts at grocery stores.

Crypto card

Crypto cards are another option for those who want to save on grocery shopping. These cards can be utilized anywhere you can employ a credit card, and there are various benefits, such as discounts at grocery stores.

Popular crypto credit cards contain BitPay Visa® prepaid cards, cards, and Xapo debit cards.

Store loyalty card

Store loyalty cards are another choice for those who want to save money on everyday shopping. These credit cards can only be used at certain stores and come with various benefits, including discounts at grocery stores. Account loyalty cards contain CVS ExtraCare Card and Rite Aid Pharmacy Savings Card.

Final Thoughts

The cashback app is a great choice. These apps will be a vital part of your plan to make deals, points, and rebates that you use for future purchases. Some cashback apps give benefits to customers who receive receipts at physical stores. Even those who are used to shopping can get full-fledged Cashback by using such an app.

Earning rewards using these cashback sites and apps is a lot of fun. You can buy new clothes, gadgets, go to grocery stores, and get big rewards in various situations. Most of these free apps are great for managing and improving your finances. These apps have evolved the way consumers shop and save. There is no one who hates free money. We all love it!