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Best Hotel Affiliate Programs to get started in 2023

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by | Aug 17, 2023

In the realm of affiliate marketing, the hospitality industry offers a golden opportunity to tap into the global travel market and earn substantial commissions. Best hotel affiliate programs provide a doorway for individuals and marketers to monetize their platforms by promoting accommodations and related services. Whether you’re an aspiring affiliate marketer or a seasoned professional seeking fresh avenues, hotel affiliate programs can serve as a lucrative entry point or a valuable addition to your portfolio.

In this article, we’ll delve into a selection of the best hotel affiliate programs that offer an avenue to kickstart your journey. Ranging from luxury resorts to budget-friendly lodgings, these programs present a diverse array of options to promote hotels and accommodations. Whether you run a travel blog, a website offering destination guides, or possess a social media presence with a passion for wanderlust, these hotel affiliate programs can be your gateway to not only monetization but also to providing value to your audience.

Hotels throughout the world may be booked via, a well-known vacation booking site. Anyone with a website, blog, app, or travel agency may join the affiliate program. This program is a good fit for you if you can drive the best hotel rates. Signing up with is a breeze. Additionally, they provide a search box and a deep linking option.

If a particular number of “stayed” reservations are made as a result of the link on your site, you’ll be paid a set percentage of the commission. Instead of using cookies to monitor bookings, uses an AID to tie reservations to the user’s account.

For the first year of your relationship, will pay you 25% of the commission it receives on each stay booking you create.

As the number of stayed bookings increases, you can increase your commission share by 1%.


It’s no secret that TripAdvisor is the go-to site for those who are booking a vacation. The TripAdvisor travel affiliate program enables you to source information from their site and then direct users back to the original source through a link on your own website. When you join the TripAdvisor affiliate program, you’ll be eligible for a 50% commission on any sales made via your links. Deep-linking to more than 500,000 cities and hotels is possible, and their commissions are divided into many tiers. Payouts will be made on a monthly basis as well.

A user does not need to make a purchase in order for the affiliate to get a commission; they just need to click a commerce link.

As a rule of thumb, a 75% conversion rate is required for all affiliate commissions, which are adjusted every morning.

Additionally, if a customer clicks through from an affiliate link to a commerce link on another website, the affiliate will get a commission.


There are over 250,000 homes on Agoda, so you have a wide variety of options for advertising on your site. Anyone with a website or blog may apply for the Agoda affiliate program, which takes 48-72 hours to approve. As part of their affiliate program, they offer search boxes, text links, and data feeds. There is a USD $200 minimum payment for hotel power advertisements, which you may employ to improve your earnings. Your referral link will continue to earn you money for 30 days thanks to Agoda’s cookie arrangement.


The Airbnb referral program differs from an affiliate program in a keyway. When you sign up as an Airbnb associate, you may earn points instead of cash, which can subsequently be used to buy things or services.

This referral program is highly popular since it offers a potential reward of up to $72 for a successful recommendation.

In addition, the platform is well-known, and Airbnb is a trusted brand in the tourism sector with an easy-to-share referral link.

As a hotel affiliate network and a hotel booking service, has built a solid reputation for itself. It is a member of the Expedia family and offers affordable prices for all kinds of travel. In addition, the acceptance rate for this program is relatively low. A major issue is that affiliates may only access the site via third-party services.

For those who use a Welcome Rewards coupon or a promotional code while making a hotel reservation, they have a particular payout requirement. The amount of money you’ll make will be less.

  • 1% for gift cards and 4% of total transaction amount
  • Cookie: 7 days
  • Sign up link



There are 19 languages available in the Hostelworld affiliate network. If you don’t have a website or a certain level of traffic, you may still apply to this program and be accepted. Hostels should also target younger tourists, such as those on a budget, who are more likely to choose communal and affordable accommodations.

They have a $200 minimum payment requirement and only accept bank transfer payments.

  • 40% commission rate
  • Cookie : 30 days

Marriott Affiliate Program

It’s no secret that Marriott is one of the world’s most popular hotel chains, and its affiliate program comprises 3900 properties in 72 countries. In comparison to other hotel affiliate programs, Marriott’s program offers a higher percentage of commissions. They also have higher commission rates for their premium packages. Only bank transfers are possible, which is one of the program’s drawbacks.

In addition, they demand that the website’s design and content meet a high standard.

  • On hotel stays, the commission rate is between 4% and 6%, and on holiday packages, it is between 3% and 4%.
  • Cookie: 7 Days

Accor Hotels

In addition to the well-known InterContinental Hotels Group, Accor Hotels offers hotel affiliate programs. Every aspect of their program is covered in great depth on the company’s website. A smartphone version is also available for Accor hotel affiliates. Their problem is that their compensation mechanism is quite convoluted.

  • Commission rate: 2% to 10%
  • Cookie duration: 7 days

Red Roof

In-depth reports and customizable links are included in the Red Roof affiliate program. This scheme is better suited to low-cost lodging. Their website is exclusively available in English, and group reservations of 10 to 12 rooms are not subject to any additional fees.

  • Red Roof Affiliates offers a commission rate of 3%
  • Cookie duration of 30 days.

Choice Hotels

All countries are welcome to join the Choice Hotels affiliate program. Loyalty programs with a variety of options are also available. Unfortunately, they lack a product catalogue.

    • The commission ranges between 2% and 6% of the total booking price
    • Cookie: 7 days


In conclusion, the world of hotel affiliate programs presents a remarkable avenue for individuals seeking to embark on or elevate their affiliate marketing journey. The allure of earning commissions through the promotion of accommodations and travel-related services is undeniable, considering the perpetual demand for lodging options across the globe.

Throughout this exploration, we’ve ventured into some of the finest hotel affiliate programs available, each offering distinctive advantages and commission models. From opulent luxury resorts to cozy budget lodgings, there exists a program tailored to various niches and audiences. By harnessing the arsenal of promotional tools, resources, and support provided by these programs, affiliate marketers can transform their platforms into potent profit generators.

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