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Best Online Side Hustle Ideas to Make an Extra $1,000+ Per Month

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by | Aug 14, 2023

If you are earning $1000+ per Month, your and your family’s life may change. You can pay off your debts quickly, save money, pay for kindergarten, and do whatever your family needs!

Now it’s easier than ever to make money while staying at home. The Internet made things familiar to us. You can sell physical goods and ship them all over the world. You can also create a digital product that someone can buy with the click of a button.

Saving is a great way to be financially independent, but the amount you can save is limited. Only frugality and resourcefulness can accomplish this. It may feel restrictive and boring, and miss things. However, there are infinite chances of earning.

Hasling is about more than just making money by side work. It’s about controlling your economic future and building something for yourself. And it’s not just for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. People from all walks of life are increasingly adopting side jobs to reach their goals. Let’s dive into the best online side Hustle ideas to make an extra $1000+ :


The great thing about blogging is that you can earn a lot of money even though you only need to make a very small initial investment. To get started, you must purchase hosting and a domain name.

Learning how to set up and maintain your website, writing blog posts, getting people on the site, and finally thinking about monetizing your blog is all part of making money on your blog.

There are several methods to monetize your blog. Advertising on sites, affiliate marketing, and selling your products are some of the most popular ways to make money.

Blog revenues vary greatly depending on how much effort you put into creating, marketing, and monetizing quality content. Top bloggers earn more than seven orders of magnitude yearly, so start your blog with that motivation.

If you want to start blogging, there are plenty of articles and resources on how to start blogging. The best source of knowledge that has created so many six- and seven-digit bloggers, if you are willing to invest for your own success, is the Elite Blogging Academy course. It takes time to get a return on your investment, but if you don’t spare the effort and time, the effort will be rewarded.

Story of Deyan Georgiev Blogger:

Let’s introduce you the Deyan Georgiev. He is one of the founders of He is a professional blogger and adopts this field as a part-time hustle to make $1000+. If you don’t know, this means that my work has increased.

This strategy, which was a (very) slow start, now makes $30,000 a month. A very small team, which now consists of thirteen people, achieved it. They help more than 200,000 people find the best software and products for themselves, their families, and their businesses every Month.

Here you can learn how to start blogging easily with this simple guide.

Freelance writer

Anyone who is good at using language can work as a freelance writer. A good understanding of grammar and knowledge of specific topics are helpful. Experts in the niche market make the most money.

Even if you are not good at writing, you can use your research skills to compile list articles on popular sites. Also, those good at smart social media posts can provide skills to companies wanting to expand their reach. There are several ways of rewarding writers, such as by word, project, and hour. The bottom pay is low, but with a little experience, you can earn between $15 and $25 an hour in basic posts and $75 or more an hour in professional-level work.

Story of Colleen Freelance Write:

Recently Colleen is also invited by 13 times for a content writing Freelance job on UPWORK. She has earned $60000 within a few years. Now she is top Rated Writer, and her price is $40 per hour. As a beginner, you can earn up to $1000 easily. If she can earn, you can also earn more than her just by Freelance content writing.

Here you get the best content writing services for blogging?

Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is one of the best side-work ideas. You can sell goods directly to customers without buying inventory. Why is it so wonderful? You don’t have to have a large startup cost, so you can keep the risk low. Not only does the manufacturer have stock, but it also ships directly to customers on your behalf. Your focus should be on marketing and customer service. If you are strong in marketing and want to do a side job that uses your strengths, this side job is perfect. It is one of the few side jobs that the itch of a true entrepreneur can reach. You can become the owner of your own business.

With drop shipping, you can start your business with what you like. Do you like the kitchen stock? You can sell kitchen utensils on the Internet. You may have found a unique accessory that works with solar cells and cools your smartphone. You can start your own one-product store and carry out the ideas of these stores. If you like to wear makeup? You can build an audience that will sell beauty products and follow along with your makeup tutorials. With drop shipping, you can pursue almost any niche.

Story of Mordecai Drop shipping business

The story of Mordecai begins with the greatest appeal of dropshipping: being able to save time while making a profit. So, he started dropshipping on print-on-demand (POD) and made $5,000 by testing the product.

However, after the situation turned around and he began to make five-digit profits, he shifted his focus to dropshipping other items. He opened his first Shopify store in the niche field of jewelry. And to the question of whether a niche shop or general shop is better, his answer was wise: “There is no right answer. It means that both store types can be successful, but the key is to test what works best for them.

Sleep coach

Many people have difficulty falling asleep at night or getting the healthy sleep time their body needs. Kayleigh Medina is a sleep coach and CEO of Live Love Sleep, a sleep coaching agent with more than ten sleep coaching groups in the USA.

“Sleep coaching is a short and rewarding side job for those who like to sustain their families, rest and earn big capital as a side job,” Medina says.

A sleep consultant provides one-on-one personal guidance to families whose children are having poor sleep. A customized sleep plan for the family is designed to teach children how to nick at bedtime, nap overnight, and take long naps during the day. According to Medina, the sleep coach usually provides follow-up support to the client to answer the client’s questions and update the sleep plan if necessary.

Do you need the experience to become a sleep coach? In general, the answer is no. However, Medina says the startup costs to become a sleep consultant include the certification process. The cost varies from $500 to several thousand dollars. You will understand the skills and strategies required to become sleep proficient in the certification process.

Medina says the expected ongoing costs after obtaining the qualification include smartphone usage fees, laptop computers for writing sleep plans and communicating with customers, marketing materials such as business cards and pamphlets, and car charges if you plan to conduct a visit consultation. The car is optional, as many consultants only provide virtual consultations.

Success Story of Jane Sleep Coach:

Here is the story of Jane Havens. She is the owner and creator of the Pediatric Sleep Management Center. She began her business in 2018 after taking online courses to train as a pediatric sleep advisor.

Less than four years after launch, your monthly income averaged $40,000! It is a huge investment that makes your life beautiful and peaceful.

Work as a Virtual Assistant

Performing as a VA is a wonderful side job that can be a full-time business. “Virtual assistant” is a common term, and there are many benefits that you can show as a VA.

Many VAs offer services related to website and blog management. Small business proprietors may realize the significance of their online presence, but they usually need more time or experience to deal with it alone.

As a VA, you can manage it for them and earn an excellent hourly salary, giving amazing results that would be impossible without your help.

Working as a VA allows you to take advantage of your existing skills. You can offer many different services, so we consider your experience and expertise and develop benefits around your muscles.

Performing as a virtual assistant is one of the most profitable money-making options. With such strong demand for owners and entrepreneurs of more businesses who are trying to entrust work to quality VAs and freelancers, most VAs can find a lot of work.

Like any other freelance service, working as a VA provides a very flexible schedule that you can do to suit your convenience as long as you keep your deadlines. You can easily earn extra 1000 months online as a VA with just some continuous clients.

Success Story of Top Rate Virtual Assistant:

Mazharul Islam from Bangladesh is the top Rated VA on Upwork and working remotely. Until now, he earned $100000, a huge amount of part-time hustle-free work. He has done the job with 356 companies and was recently invited 202 times for work because many people want to hire him.

Pet sitter

It may be the best way to make money if you like animals. Several options include dog walking, dog boarding, drop-in visit, house sitter, etc.

Rover is a great app to start a pet sitter with many advantages. It’s famous, so there are always people looking for someone to take care of their pets, so you don’t have to look for customers.

It also gives you tips for emergencies and the best experience when caring for someone’s pet.

You should be able to respond to the time of day when you need to pick up your pet. Whether it’s your own or someone else’s pet, having a pet-sitter experience is a plus.

The best thing is that you can set the price freely. It’s competitive, so set competitive rates and write your profile well.

The larger the city, the more people need such services. It is possible to earn more than 300 dollars by caring for several dogs for a few nights. If you do it often, you will become a very profitable side job.

Success Story of Pet Sitter:

Here we introduce you to a Pet Sitter, Amy Reid. In 2004, she and her neighbor Leslie Baron founded Woofie’s, a professional pet care service company in northern Virginia. Woofie offers pet sitter, dog walking, and mobile pet grooming services.

With more than 16 years of experience, she and Leslie have witnessed the growth and maturity of the industry and turned challenges into opportunities! Now they are earning $3.2k in a few years. They started this business part-time, but now they are considering making it full-time because it is a good boost.


The tutor may be suitable for those with experience in education and love help. Flexible work that suits your lifestyle. You can also work off-hours and on weekends. Covid also enables remote work. It means that you can meet more people without considering the travel time.

A tutor is a way to help people achieve their goals and improve themselves while making money. Depending on your skills and experience, you can also charge a large hourly fee. It can be done through a freelance style (you need to let people know your name, but you hold all the earnings) or an agency (they do paperwork, and you get more work, but they cut your salary).

Success Story of Alex Online Tutor:

Now meet Alex, he is the founder of At, students and tutors worldwide connect through the website and communicate via Skype and Zoom. Currently, seven languages are available: Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese.

In January 2017, they launched our website for $300 and now make about $60,000 monthly. Alex started this as a part-time online business, and now he is earning $6k a month, which is a good and handsome profit, and you can also make more than $1000 per Month easily.

Launch a print-on-demand store.

Driving a print-on-demand store might be a wonderful side job if you like making custom graphics and painting in your spare time.

On-Demand Printing (or POD) allows you to place custom artwork on products such as T-shirts, bags, smartphone cases, and mugs. The good thing about POD is that you can make and sell products with your brand. You can also drop-ship printed on-demand products to automate your business logistics fully. It means you design products, add them to your store, advertise them, and take customer orders. The order is processed by a print-on-demand company that prints your design on the product and is shipped directly to the customer.

How much does a POD product earn? It depends on how much you like your design and how much you put into marketing. If you work harder, you can earn thousands more dollars monthly. Learn how to get started with your online T-shirt business in this guide.

Retail Try sells profitable on-demand prints like quality custom t-shirts. People often are okay with paying high prices for shirts from quality retail stores with their favorite designs. Find a theme or subject that interests your readers and create a custom design based on that trend. Then, he finds a T-shirt printing company that prints the design on a retail-quality shirt.

Success Story Jolie Noir

In 2018, Jolie Noir started out with African-American sisters Kimberly and Kiyondra Rocket wanting to be role models for women of color. “Jolie Noire” is French and literally translated as “cute black.” The sisters wanted to empower black women and create a brand name that expresses the beauty of the color black. Print-on-demand service is now their top business, and they are earning 20000 dollars monthly. First, they aim to earn only 1000 dollars, but here is their hard work, which makes their business top rated.

Sell at local markets and festivals.

Many product-specific subcontractors benefit from selling their own unique products at local markets and festivals. It is a time-consuming side job, such as moving to the market and setting up, but for those who like to go out and interact with people, it is the best way to earn money in the side job. In addition, these face-to-face sales can raise brand awareness and promote online shops and social media platforms, allowing sales to be collected between market appearances.

The cost of launching a face-to-face sale can vary from a periodic hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars because of the market to secure a stock of booths. You can limit your initial investment by sticking to suppliers that support the return of unsold products or by providing custom-made products that do not require deep inventory. Fair is an excellent source of unique resale and private brand products and is also ready for the return of unsold inventory. With Square’s free account, you can also accept face-to-face card payments, track your sales with a sophisticated mobile point-of-sale, and integrate with online sales on Square’s e-commerce site.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re in-person or online, there are plenty of opportunities for a successful side job, so you’ll likely find a side job that suits you. If you focus on getting more money, you will actually open the way to earn an extra $1000 per Month.

Some side jobs take a little longer to earn money. Choose a few side jobs that suit you best and focus on them.