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Best Video Editing Software you never miss

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by | Sep 29, 2023

Video editing has become nothing short of a phenomenon. With the explosive rise of social media and the insatiable appetite for online content, the demand for professionally edited videos has increased. Recent statistics reveal that a staggering 92% of internet users across the globe now tune in to digital videos every week.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the world of video editing, a freelance creator, or just someone eager to embark on a journey of mastering this art form, one fundamental choice stands out like a beacon: selecting the right video editing software. Making the right decision for an effective video editor can be a game-changer. The video editing software you choose can make or break your creative endeavors. So, if you want to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field, you are at the right place.

We have compiled a list of the best video editing software you need. From industry giants to hidden gems, we have listed the best ones. Keep reading to discover the best video editing software this year.

Best Video Editing Software you need this year

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro, Apple’s professional video editing software. This software strikes a balance between catering to newcomers looking to step up from iMovie and satisfying the demands of seasoned film producers.

Final Cut Pro X impresses with its diverse format support, accommodating DV, HDV, and beyond. It handles videos from 2K to 8K seamlessly, even allowing content import from iMovie for iOS and iPadOS, simplifying your editing journey. So the software can be great for professionals.  The software provides unlimited track manipulation, multi-camera editing, and 360º footage enhancement. Final Cut Pro X offers a comprehensive set of editing tools, from standard ripple and roll options to advanced alterations.

It excels at stabilizing 360º footage, enhancing the inspector panel, and refining audio adjustments.  Modernized color mask and range isolation tools enable precise evaluation of HDR videos, and HSL controls in the Color Inspector facilitate accurate color selection.

Final Cut Pro X remains a top choice for Mac users seeking professional video editing software. With its recent updates and impressive features, it continues to elevate the video editing experience.

Key features 

  • Innovative magnetic, trackless timeline
  • Exceptional organization tools for efficient workflow
  • Swift performance with high-quality effects and transitions
  • Ideal for YouTube vloggers
  • Efficient file compression
  • 360-degree footage editing
  • Multi-cam support

Price:  $299 (for multiple devices running mac)

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is a powerful yet user-friendly video editing software. Do you know what is more exciting?  This year’s 2023 update brings incremental enhancements, making it an attractive option for those who frequently create videos for social media or require precise editing for vlogs, podcasts, and presentations.

Premiere Elements offers three modes – ‘Quick’ for beginners, ‘Expert’ for detailed editing, and ‘Guided Edit’ for step-by-step assistance in common tasks like adding titles and creating time-lapse effects. Like Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements features Guided Edits, including Animated Overlays for adding dynamic effects to videos. While helpful, some options may seem complex, warranting clearer instructions.

Aspect ratio adjustment allows you to modify video dimensions for specific social media platforms.  Premiere Elements now supports Apple Silicon, promising nearly 70% faster Mac performance with M1/M2 chips.

The 2023 version introduces 24 new artistic effects. As a result, you can experiment with different styles, colors, and lighting effects to enhance video clips. Templates and Audio Clips: Additional templates for creating slideshows and a collection of around 100 audio clips provide more creative options.

New artistic effects, templates, and audio clips enhance creative possibilities, making it a valuable tool for content creators.

Key Features 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Diverse editing modes
  • Guided Edits simplify complex tasks
  • Aspect ratio adjustment for social media
  • Apple Silicon support for faster performance
  • Artistic effects for creative editing

Price: $99.99. For $149.99, you can also purchase it in a bundle with Photoshop Elements.

CyberLink PowerDirector 365

Next to our list of best video editing tools you need this year is CyberLink PowerDirector 365.  The software combines professional-grade video editing with a user-friendly design. This software boasts impressive features, AI tools, and effects, setting it apart as a prosumer video editing software. With fast project rendering and a clear, accessible interface, PowerDirector 365 provides a compelling solution for both beginners and experienced video editors.

PowerDirector 365 renders projects swiftly, ensuring efficient workflow and faster results. While offering many options, the software maintains a straightforward, user-friendly interface, simplifying the editing process. You can edit videos much more creatively with a wide range of effects and AI tools.

PowerDirector 365 supports multicam editing and motion tracking, catering to users with more complex editing needs. There are few useful features are available to make tutorials or courses. The software includes screen recording capabilities, adding versatility to its feature set.

Key Features

  • Object extension or duplication.
  • Offers tools for denoising both video and audio.
  • Automatically detects and replaces the sky in your footage.
  • Access thousands of templates for creating intro sequences.
  • Improved motion tracking accuracy.
  • New Templates, LUTs, and Content:


  • Free 30-day trial with watermarks and limited 4K support
  • Standalone versions: $99.99 (Ultra) and $139.99 (Ultimate)
  • Director Suite 365 subscription: $29.99/month or $129.99/year
  • PowerDirector 365 subscription: $69.99/year or $19.99/month

Corel VideoStudio Pro

As we proceed with our Corel VideoStudio software review, it’s essential to understand the distinctions between the standard Pro version and the Ultimate version of VideoStudio 2023. While both versions share core editing functionalities, the Ultimate 2023 version offers compelling additional features and functionality for an upgrade.

VideoStudio 2023’s updates primarily focus on consolidating existing features and introducing genuinely valuable upgrades to the core program. The rendering engine now leverages the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel and NVIDIA.

While VideoStudio Pro maintains its existing color correction module, the Ultimate version introduces advanced color correction. What you can do with that?  Users can utilize HSL tuning, tone curves, LUT (Lookup Tables) profiles, and store presets for future projects.

Key features

  • The video mask creator offers enhanced control
  • Additional blending modes and improved integration with other features.
  • Custom animated overlays
  • Capture live footage
  • The software takes full advantage of the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel and NVIDIA.

Price: Pro ($79.99, or $59.99 to upgrade). A free trial is also available.

Apple iMovie

Apple’s iMovie remains a standout video editing software for Mac users. The software offers a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience than Windows.

With iMovie, you can organize your media, color grade, speed adjust, add green screen effects, narrate, and incorporate soundtracks. While it may not be the first to support new formats, iMovie handles 4K and HEVC effortlessly. The addition of Storyboards and Magic Movies, available primarily on the mobile version, takes its template-based Trailers feature to the next level. iMovie’s interface is sleek and intuitive. It focuses on the necessary tools without cluttering the screen, featuring a dark interface for a clean look.

It simplifies the video editing process with its three-pane interface. While it offers only two video tracks, the software excels in usability.  iMovie provides essential editing tools for cropping, rotating, and enhancing clips. The Autocorrect feature improves lighting and color. Users can match color between clips and set white balance from a point in the frame. Applying Themes and Trailers adds titles, transitions, and unified viewing experiences to your projects. Trailers and Storyboards: iMovie’s Trailers feature offers orchestral background music and guides users through movie production processes. Storyboards provide template choices and offer broader features in the mobile version.

Apple iMovie remains an Editors’ Choice winner for entry-level video editing on Mac devices.

Key features 

  • User-friendly interface designed for Mac users
  • Comprehensive media organization tools
  • Capable of handling 4K and HEVC video formats
  • Extensive color grading and correction options
  • Green-screen effects for creative video editing
  • Narration and soundtrack integration
  • Template-based Trailers feature for simplified movie production
  • Storyboards and Magic Movies (primarily available on mobile)
  • Touch Bar support on compatible MacBook devices
  • Efficient clip organization with Favorites and Rejects
  • Themes for Unified Viewing Experiences
  • Easy import of various media types, including 360-degree content
  • Seamless project transfer between iOS and desktop versions

Price: Free

Adobe Premiere Pro

Anyone in the video editing field or about to start will be familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a powerful video editing tool for users of all levels. Whether creating social media content or crafting Hollywood-grade films, it offers robust features. Premiere Pro simplifies the application of effects with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Users can enhance their videos with motion graphics, and the Graphics workspace streamlines the process with easy-to-use templates.

Premiere Pro features a user-friendly layout that accommodates newcomers and experienced editors, making it easy to navigate. The software simplifies the editing of multi-camera footage. This handy feature automatically adjusts framing for different aspect ratios, making adapting content to various platforms easy.

This video editing software has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to edit videos. It is a valuable tool for all video editing projects, from beginners to experts. Despite some color grading and audio editing limitations, its intuitive design and overall capabilities make it a solid choice for video content creators.

Key features

  • Timeline-based video editing
  • Multi-track editing
  • High-resolution support (4K, 8K)
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Wide range of supported formats
  • Advanced color correction (Lumetri Color)
  • Audio editing and effects
  • Dynamic Link with After Effects
  • Motion graphics templates
  • Transitions and Effects library
  • Audio synchronization
  • Multi-camera editing
  • Keyframe animation
  • Flexible export and sharing options
  • Collaborative workflows
  • VR video editing support
  • and more

Price: Premiere Pro costs US$20.99/month for individuals and US$35.99/month for teams. Creative Cloud All Apps includes Premiere Pro

Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create offers an intriguing online video creation and editing platform. A quick and easy way to assemble projects using stock photos, footage, and personal media. While the platform boasts simplicity and an extensive stock library, it has drawbacks.

Vimeo Create enables users to create projects directly from their browsers. This software can be used even if you do not have a high-end PC. Cool right?  It targets content marketers and beginners who want to create uncomplicated, professional-looking videos.

Getting started with Vimeo Create can be somewhat convoluted due to subscription prompts and limited editing functionality. However, users can access more detailed editing options by choosing templates or starting with a blank canvas.

The platform offers a wide range of templates, simplifying video creation. Users can quickly assemble videos by selecting media from Vimeo’s stock library or personal content, adding captions, choosing soundtracks, and creating videos with minimal effort. For more in-depth editing, the “Edit video” option provides a comprehensive interface.

Vimeo Create’s user-friendly interface, with tools neatly organized in sidebars and contextual menus. It offers options for text animations, media manipulation, and brand customization. While it may not match the capabilities of advanced video editing software, Vimeo Create excels in delivering simplicity for creating quality videos.

Key Features 

  • Vimeo Create excels in ease of use, making it accessible to beginners.
  • The platform offers straightforward features suitable for quick video creation.
  • Users benefit from a vast stock image and video library.
  • A free video editor option is available, although watermarked.

Price: The platform offers free and subscription-based plans, with added features and removal of watermarks as incentives to subscribe. Starter at $9.00 per user per month. Standard at $25.00 per user per month. Advanced at $65.00 per user per month.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate stands for unique features. The primary differentiator lies in the premium special effects packs and add-ons with the Ultimate version. These modules mainly function as plugins, enhancing the overall program and providing pro-level tools. Corel has seamlessly integrated these plugins into VideoStudio Ultimate 2023.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate supports 3D, 4K, 8K, and 360-degree VR video formats. It boasts multicam editing, motion tracking, time remapping, and more. The latest update, introduces motion title options, support for the AV1 format, 8K video support, and new title and transition effects.

Notable additions include support for AV1 and 8K video formats, a new Parallax transition effect for creating a faux 3D perspective. Besides, you will get enhanced text effects with Kinetic Titles, audio tools like Audio Cues, and performance improvements. The interface has been fine-tuned for improved usability.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate streamlines the video editing process, making it accessible to users of varying skill levels. It offers organized tools, including a GIF creator, LUTs, subtitles, and more. Additionally, it features face effects, GIF creation, and speech-to-text conversion for added versatility. Despite its audio editing limitations and some minor drawbacks, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate remains a solid choice for video editing, earning it the Editors’ Choice award. Its blend of powerful features, user-friendly interface, and support for emerging video formats make it a valuable tool for video enthusiasts.

Key Features 

  • VideoStudio Ultimate offers a wide range of snazzy effects to enhance your videos.
  • The software excels in rendering videos quickly, saving users valuable time.
  • The multipoint motion tracking feature allows for precise object tracking in videos.
  • Users can perform color grading to enhance the visual quality of their videos.
  • VideoStudio Ultimate includes a cool stop-motion tool for creative video projects.

Price:  Get Ultimate for $99.99 (or $79.99 for upgrades).


Wondershare Filmora is a video editing application that balances robust features and user-friendly design, all at an affordable price point.

Filmora offers excellent video editing tools suitable for a wide range of users. It supports modern video formats, including HDR, 4K, and 8K, for both editing and output. If you need quick editing then try Filmora. The software includes AI-powered tools that streamline editing and enable users to easily create impressive effects. Users can access a library of stock media to enhance their projects. It offers features for editing vertical videos, catering to the demands of social media platforms.

Wondershare Filmora is a user-friendly video editor for enthusiasts and prosumers, available on Mac and PC platforms. While it may not be the choice for creating movies, it excels at fulfilling the needs of beginner and intermediate videographers looking to create high-quality videos quickly and effortlessly. One notable feature is its integrated stock media library, which provides users with additional resources to enhance their projects. Moreover, Filmora caters to the vertical video trend prevalent on social media platforms.

Filmora even offers built-in screen recording capabilities, making it a versatile tool for various video-related tasks. Users can easily share their creations directly from the application on popular platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Vimeo. However, Filmora does have an expensive additional subscription for premium effects and plugins, which might deter some users.

Key Features

  • Import and export various media formats
  • Video editing tools (cutting, trimming, etc.)
  • Effects, transitions, and overlays
  • Text and title customization
  • Audio editing and background music
  • Green screen (chroma key) support
  • Motion tracking
  • Advanced editing features (PIP, split-screen)
  • Social media sharing options
  • Speed control for clips
  • Built-in music and sound effects

Price: Starting at $28.98 per month, Filmora has 4 plans: Individuals (Month) at $28.98 monthly. Individuals (Year) at $68.98 per year. It costs $116.95 for individuals (PERPETUAL PLAN). For the Team at $155.88 per year.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a video editing software with several commendable features. However, it may not offer the full capabilities of professional-grade video editing software.  It offers a range of advanced editing tools, including motion tracking, color correction, and audio editing. Users can edit footage from multiple cameras, making it suitable for creating multi-angle videos.

The software offers various export options, including support for popular video formats and direct upload to social media platforms. Pinnacle Studio provides a detailed support page, a community forum, and a dedicated customer service team. The software’s standard plan offers good value for the features provided. However, it may not be the best choice for professional editors seeking a high-level, comprehensive solution. Pinnacle Studio’s strengths lie in its usability and affordability, particularly for those who need to create visually appealing videos with advanced editing tools and multi-camera capabilities.

Pinnacle Studio offers robust features to enhance your video editing experience. With animation capabilities, you can bring your videos to life with dynamic motion effects.  The audio editing tools allow for precise control over sound, while the extensive media library provides a wealth of resources to enhance your projects.

Key features 

  • Designed for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Supports a wide range of media formats for import and export.
  • Cut, trim, split, merge, and enhance video clips.
  • Effects and Transitions: Offers a library of effects and transitions for creative editing.
  • Add customizable text and titles to your videos.
  • Edit and enhance audio tracks with effects and mixing tools.
  • Apply motion tracking to objects or subjects.
  • Supports chroma key for replacing backgrounds.
  • Adjust video playback speed for slow motion or time-lapse.
  • Automatically lower background music during dialogue.

Price: A free trial is available. Get access to Pinnacle Studio 26 Ultimate at $59.99. Spend $89.99 to get with the bundle.

DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.5

DaVinci Resolve is a versatile video editing suite with distinct differences between its free and paid Studio versions. The free version supports resolutions up to 4K UHD, 8-bit bitrate, and 60 FPS, making it suitable for most standard editing needs. On the other hand, Studio offers more advanced capabilities, supporting resolutions up to 32K, 10-bit bitrate, and 120 FPS, catering to high-end editing requirements. Studio excels in lens correction, which is ideal for correcting various lens-related anomalies, which is absent in the free version.

Additionally, Studio supports multiple GPU rendering for smoother playback of high-resolution content. It excels in color grading, offering over 50 features, HDR scopes, and automated color transformation scripts. In audio, Studio supports immersive 3D audio, Dolby Atmos mastering, remixing external productions, and IMF audio deliverables, while the free version covers standard audio editing. Finally, Studio offers advanced noise reduction tools, making it suitable for low-light, high ISO shooting scenarios, while the free version relies on manual methods or plugins for noise reduction.

Key Features 

  • AI tools and over 100 feature upgrades.
  • Cloud collaboration with Blackmagic Cloud for remote teamwork.
  • Automatic transcription and subtitle generation.
  • Improved audio classification and grouping in Fairlight.
  • Enhanced color management and new Relight FX.
  • Fusion supports Universal Scene Descriptor files.
  • Advanced audio editing with AI-based classification and binaural rendering.

Price: The standard software version is free. A Studio edition costs $295, and it features AI, stereoscopic 3D tools, HDR grading, and additional Resolve FX filters.

Final Words

Hope you have found the best video editing software. Our choices offer a wide range of features and capabilities, from industry-standard tools to user-friendly options. Whether you’re a professional editor or a beginner, there’s video editing software that can cater to your requirements. Consider your specific needs, budget, and desired features when choosing. With the right software in hand, you can unlock your creative potential and produce stunning videos that captivate your audience.


Which software is best for video editing?

The best video editing software depends on your specific needs and preferences, as well as your level of expertise. Here are some popular video editing software options, suitable for different types of users:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • iMovie
  • HitFilm Express
  • Adobe Premiere Elements
  • Lightworks

What is the best video editor for free?

Looking for the best video editor for free? You can choose from a number of software options. We have listed the best one that will help you to edit your videos for free. The software includes:

  • Shotcut
  • Windows Video Editor
  • Vimeo Create
  • KineMaster
  • Movie Maker Online
  • Movavi Video Editor
  • ActivePresenter

How difficult is video editing?

The complexity of your project will depend on your video editing skills and few other factors. Here are some key points to consider:

Software Familiarity: If you’re entirely new to video editing, there may be a learning curve when using video editing software. However, many video editing programs offer user-friendly interfaces and tutorials to help beginners get started.

Project Complexity: The complexity of your video project plays a significant role in how complex the editing process will be. Simple tasks like trimming clips and adding fundamental transitions are relatively straightforward, while more advanced techniques like color correction, audio mixing, and visual effects can be more challenging.

Creativity and Artistry: Video editing is not just about technical skills; it’s also a creative process. The difficulty may depend on your ability to tell a compelling story, create a visually engaging sequence, or convey a particular mood or message through your editing choices.

How to choose the best video editing software? 

Choosing the best video editing software for your needs can be crucial, as it directly impacts the quality and efficiency of your video projects. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to choose the best video editing software:

Determine Your Needs

First, you must consider the type of projects you’ll be working on. Are you editing home videos, YouTube content, short films, documentaries, or professional commercial projects? Assess your current video editing skills. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced editor? Determine whether you need software for Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Budget Considerations

You have to decide the software on your budget. Video editing software ranges from free to expensive professional suites. Be realistic about what you can afford. Many paid video editing software offer trial versions or free plans with limited features. Test these to see if they meet your requirements before purchasing.

Read Reviews and User Feedback

Don’t forget to look for reviews and user feedback online. This can provide insights into the software’s strengths, weaknesses, and user-friendliness. Explore the features carefully and determine what will be effective for your editing needs.

Check Hardware Requirements

Ensure your computer meets the hardware requirements for the software. Some advanced editing software may demand more powerful hardware.

Try Before You Buy

Whenever possible, try out the software before making a final decision. Experiment with a small project to understand the interface and features. Ultimately, the best video editing software for you will depend on your specific needs, budget, and level of expertise. Take your time to research and test different options to find the one that suits you best.

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