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Best YouTube Travel Channels to Follow

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by | May 6, 2024

YouTube Travel

YouTube travel channels are online video platforms hosted by individuals or groups who share their travel experiences, adventures, insights, and tips with viewers. These channels typically feature a wide range of content, including travel vlogs, destination guides, cultural explorations, adventure activities, hotel and
restaurant reviews, and practical travel advice.

YouTube travel channels cater to diverse interests and preferences, covering everything from budget backpacking trips to luxury vacations, family-friendly destinations to solo adventures. They often showcase stunning visuals, immersive storytelling, and engaging narratives that transport viewers to different parts of the
world and inspire them to explore new places.

Many YouTube travel channels also offer practical information and resources for travelers, such as packing tips, itinerary suggestions, visa requirements, and safety precautions. Some channels collaborate with tourism boards, travel brands, or local businesses to provide exclusive insights, behind-the-scenes access, and
special offers to their audience.

Overall, YouTube travel channels serve as valuable resources for armchair travelers seeking inspiration, information, and entertainment, as well as for active travelers looking to plan their next adventure or learn from the experiences of others.

Features and key aspects of YouTube travel channels include

Travel Vlogs: Many travel channels feature vlogs documenting the host’s experiences and adventures during their travels. These vlogs often include footage of destinations, attractions, activities, and interactions with locals,
providing viewers with a firsthand glimpse into the travel experience.

Destination Guides: Channels may offer destination guides highlighting specific cities, countries, or regions. These guides typically include recommendations for attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and insider tips
for making the most of a trip to that destination.

Cultural Exploration: Travel channels often delve into the cultural aspects of destinations, exploring local customs, traditions, cuisine, and lifestyle. This cultural exploration adds depth to the travel experience and helps viewers gain a better understanding of different cultures around the world.

Adventure Activities: Many channels focus on adventure travel, showcasing thrilling activities such as hiking, scuba diving, skydiving, and other outdoor pursuits. These adrenaline-pumping adventures inspire viewers to seek out their own thrilling experiences while traveling.

Practical Travel Tips: Channels provide practical advice and tips to help travelers plan their trips more effectively. This may include packing tips, budgeting advice, visa information, safety precautions, and recommendations for travel gear.

Hotel and Restaurant Reviews: Channels may feature reviews of hotels, resorts, guesthouses, and restaurants visited during the host’s travels. These reviews offer insights into accommodations and dining options, helping viewers make informed decisions when planning their own trips.

Interactivity: Successful travel channels often foster a sense of community and interactivity with their audience. This may involve responding to viewer comments, engaging in Q&A sessions, hosting live streams, or even organizing meetups with viewers in various destinations.

Stunning Visuals: High-quality cinematography and stunning visuals are a hallmark of many travel channels. Through beautiful imagery and captivating storytelling, these channels transport viewers to far-off destinations and inspire wanderlust.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Some travel channels collaborate with tourism boards, travel brands, or local businesses to provide exclusive access, sponsored content, or special promotions to their audience. These partnerships can enhance the content and provide additional value to viewers.

Inspiration and Motivation: Ultimately, the primary goal of YouTube travel channels is to inspire and motivate viewers to explore the world. Whether through breathtaking scenery, personal stories, or practical advice, these
channels encourage viewers to embark on their own adventures and create lasting memories.

Best YouTube Travel Channels in 2024

These top YouTube travel channels offer a diverse array of content, catering to various interests, travel styles, and destinations. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next adventure or practical tips for planning your trip, these channels provide valuable insights and entertainment for travelers around the
1. Drew Binsky
2. Mark Wiens
3. Eva zu Beck
4. Fearless and Far
5. Kara and Nate
6. Lost LeBlanc
7. Sailing La Vagabonde
8. Vagabrothers
9. Hey nadine
10. The Endless Adventure
11. FunForLouis
12. The Bucket List Family
13. Flying the Nest
14. The Budgeteers
15. Gone with the Wynns
16. Hopscotchtheglobe
17. Karl Watson
18. TL Travel
19. Wolters World
20. Best Ever Food Review Show

1. Drew Binsky: Drew Binsky is a renowned travel vlogger known for hisadventures to every country in the world. His engaging videos capture authentic cultural experiences, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and fascinating encounters with locals.

2. Mark Wiens: Mark Wiens is a food and travel enthusiast whose channel showcases his culinary adventures around the globe. Through mouthwatering food videos, he explores street food markets, local eateries, and traditional dishes in diverse destinations.

3. Eva zu Beck: Eva zu Beck’s channel offers a unique perspective on travel, with a focus on exploring lesser-known destinations and immersive cultural experiences. Her engaging storytelling and stunning cinematography inspire viewers to venture off the tourist trail.

4. Fearless and Far: Fearless and Far is a channel dedicated to extreme and adventurous travel experiences. From cliff diving to urban exploration, the host pushes the boundaries of adventure travel while sharing valuable insights and tips.

5. Kara and Nate: Kara and Nate document their journey to visit 100 countries while sharing practical travel advice and budget tips. Their uplifting videos highlight the joys and challenges of long-term travel, inspiring viewers to pursue their own travel dreams.

6. Lost LeBlanc: Lost LeBlanc is known for his visually stunning travel vlogs that showcase breathtaking landscapes, epic adventures, and cultural experiences around the world. His videos offer a blend of inspiration, entertainment, and practical travel tips.

7. Sailing La Vagabonde: Sailing La Vagabonde follows the adventures of a couple living aboard a sailboat and circumnavigating the globe. Their channel offers a unique perspective on slow travel, sailing, and exploring remote destinations off the beaten path.

8. Vagabrothers: The Vagabrothers channel features travel guides, tips, and cultural insights from destinations around the world. With a focus on responsible travel and immersive experiences, they inspire viewers to explore
new cultures and destinations.

9. Hey Nadine: Hey Nadine provides a mix of travel vlogs, destination guides, and travel tips, all delivered with humor and authenticity. Nadine’s infectious enthusiasm and candid storytelling make her channel a favorite among travel enthusiasts.

10. The Endless Adventure: The Endless Adventure showcases the journey of a couple traveling the world in search of unique experiences and hidden gems. Their engaging videos cover a wide range of destinations and activities, offering practical advice and inspiration for fellow travelers.

11. FunForLouis: FunForLouis is known for his adventurous spirit and positive outlook on life, which shines through in his travel vlogs. His channel features epic adventures, cultural experiences, and insights into sustainable travel practices.

12. The Bucket List Family: The Bucket List Family documents the adventures of a family of five as they travel the world together. Their heartwarming videos showcase family-friendly destinations, activities, and the joys of traveling with children.

13. Flying the Nest: Flying the Nest follows the journey of an Australian couple as they explore the world, sharing their experiences and travel tips along the way. Their channel offers a mix of adventure, culture, and practical advice for travelers of all ages.

14. The Budgeteers: The Budgeteers channel focuses on budget travel adventures, proving that travel is accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. Their videos offer tips for saving money on accommodations, transportation, and activities while still having unforgettable experiences.

15. Gone with the Wynns: Gone with the Wynns documents the adventures of a couple living and traveling full-time in their RV. From epic road trips to sustainable living tips, their channel inspires viewers to embrace a life of
adventure and exploration.

16. Hopscotch the Globe: Hopscotch the Globe features travel vlogs, destination guides, and cultural insights from around the world. With a focus on immersive experiences and responsible travel, the channel encourages viewers to step out of their comfort zones and explore the unknown.

17. Karl Watson: Karl Watson’s channel offers a mix of travel vlogs, destination guides, and practical advice for aspiring travelers. His engaging storytelling and adventurous spirit inspire viewers to embark on their own journeys of discovery.

18. TL Travel: TL Travel provides travel inspiration, tips, and destination guides for travelers seeking unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences. From solo adventures to group travel, their channel offers insights into exploring the world with an open mind and adventurous spirit.

19. Wolters World: Wolters World offers honest and insightful travel advice, destination guides, and cultural insights to help travelers make the most of their adventures. With a focus on practical tips and realistic expectations, the channel prepares viewers for a wide range of travel experiences.

20. Best Ever Food Review Show: Best Ever Food Review Show explores the world’s culinary delights through mouthwatering food reviews and cultural insights. From street food markets to fine dining establishments, the channel celebrates the diversity of global cuisine and the stories behind each dish.

Following YouTube travel channels offers several important benefits for travelers, like;

 Inspiration: YouTube travel channels provide endless inspiration for your next adventure. Through captivating visuals and engaging storytelling, these channels showcase destinations around the world, igniting your wanderlust and motivating you to explore new places.

 Information and Education: Travel channels offer valuable information and insights about destinations, cultures, and travel tips. Whether it’s learning about local customs, finding the best hidden gems, or discovering budget travel hacks, these channels provide practical knowledge to enhance your travel experiences.

 Virtual Exploration: Travel channels allow you to virtually explore destinations from the comfort of your home. Through immersive videos, you can experience the sights, sounds, and flavors of different places, helping
you plan your trips and decide where to go next.

 Practical Advice: Many travel channels offer practical advice on various aspects of travel, such as packing, budgeting, safety, and accommodation. By following these channels, you can learn from the experiences of
seasoned travelers and avoid common pitfalls while on the road.

 Community Engagement: YouTube travel channels foster a sense of community among viewers who share a passion for travel. Through comments, live chats, and meetups, you can connect with like-minded individuals, share your own experiences, and seek advice from fellow travelers.

 Cultural Understanding: Travel channels promote cultural understanding and appreciation by showcasing the diversity of people, traditions, and lifestyles around the world. Through cultural immersion videos, you can gain
insights into different cultures and broaden your perspective on the world.

 Entertainment: Beyond the educational aspect, travel channels offer entertainment and escapism. Whether it’s watching thrilling adventure videos, humorous travel mishaps, or heartwarming cultural encounters, these channels provide hours of enjoyable content for viewers.

 Planning Assistance: When planning a trip, YouTube travel channels can be valuable resources for research and itinerary planning. By watching destination guides, hotel reviews, and activity recommendations, you can
make informed decisions and create memorable travel experiences.

 Real-Time Updates: Some travel channels provide real-time updates on travel news, events, and developments around the world. By staying informed through these channels, you can make timely decisions regarding your travel plans and stay updated on important information affecting your trip.

While YouTube travel channels offer numerous benefits, they also come with
some potential disadvantages:

 Misleading Information: Not all content on YouTube travel channels may be accurate or reliable. Some creators may exaggerate or misrepresent their experiences, leading viewers to have unrealistic expectations about destinations or travel experiences.

 Overcommercialization: Some travel channels may prioritize sponsored content or partnerships with brands, leading to an overemphasis on promoting products or services rather than providing authentic travel
experiences. This can detract from the credibility and authenticity of the channel’s content.

 Safety Risks: Following travel advice from YouTube channels without proper research or verification can pose safety risks. Recommendations for risky activities or destinations without adequate safety precautions could
potentially endanger viewers who attempt to replicate them.

 Financial Implications: Watching travel channels can sometimes lead to overspending or impulse travel decisions. Constant exposure to glamorous destinations and experiences may tempt viewers to splurge on trips or activities beyond their budget, leading to financial strain.

 Influence of Bias: The personal preferences and biases of travel creators may influence the content they produce. This can result in subjective reviews or recommendations that may not align with the interests or preferences of
all viewers.

 Time Consumption: Watching travel videos on YouTube can be time- consuming, potentially leading to procrastination or distraction from other responsibilities. Excessive screen time spent consuming travel content may detract from productivity or real-life experiences.

 Lack of Diversity: While many travel channels aim to showcase diverse destinations and cultures, there may still be a lack of representation of certain regions or communities. This can result in a limited perspective on
global travel and perpetuate stereotypes or misconceptions.

 Environmental Impact: Some travel channels may promote unsustainable travel practices or contribute to overtourism by popularizing off-the-beaten- path destinations. This can have negative environmental and culturalimpacts on fragile ecosystems and local communities.

 Comparison and FOMO: Constant exposure to glamorous travel experiences on YouTube can lead to comparison with others and feelings of “FOMO” (fear of missing out). This may create unrealistic expectations or dissatisfaction with one’s own travel experiences.

 Privacy Concerns: Travel vlogs often include personal details and footage of individuals in public spaces. Sharing too much personal information on YouTube can raise privacy concerns and potentially compromise the safety of the creators or their companions.

Tips & Solutions for the challenges faced above

Some tips and solutions to address the potential disadvantages of following YouTube travel channels

 Verify Information: Always verify the information provided on YouTube travel channels by cross-referencing with other reliable sources such as official tourism websites, travel guides, or reputable travel blogs. Look for
consistency and multiple perspectives to ensure accuracy.

 Research Creators: Before subscribing to a travel channel or taking travel advice from a creator, research their background, experience, and credibility. Look for creators who have a history of producing informative, authentic, and responsible content.

 Exercise Caution with Sponsored Content: Be discerning when watching sponsored content on travel channels. Consider whether the recommendations align with your interests and values, and critically evaluate
the authenticity of the information provided.

 Prioritize Safety: Prioritize safety when considering travel recommendations from YouTube channels. Exercise caution when engaging in risky activities or visiting unfamiliar destinations, and always prioritize your well-being and

 Set a Budget: Establish a travel budget and stick to it, regardless of the enticing experiences showcased on YouTube travel channels. Avoid succumbing to the temptation of overspending or making impulsive travel
decisions based on unrealistic expectations.

 Seek Diverse Perspectives: Diversify your sources of travel inspiration by following a variety of YouTube travel channels representing different perspectives, regions, and travel styles. This will provide a more balanced
view of the travel landscape and help avoid bias or narrow viewpoints.

 Limit Screen Time: Set boundaries on your screen time and allocate specific periods for watching travel content on YouTube. Balance your virtual exploration with real-life experiences and responsibilities to maintain a
healthy lifestyle and avoid excessive consumption.

 Practice Responsible Tourism: Choose sustainable and responsible travel practices that minimize your environmental impact and respect local communities. Be mindful of the potential consequences of overtourism and seek out off-the-beaten-path destinations to reduce your footprint.

 Manage Expectations: Manage your expectations when consuming travel content on YouTube. Remember that creators may selectively highlight the most picturesque or exciting aspects of their travels, and not every
destination will live up to the hype portrayed in videos.

 Protect Privacy: Be mindful of your own privacy when sharing personal information or footage on YouTube, whether as a viewer or content creator.  Consider the potential implications of sharing sensitive information and take steps to protect your privacy and security online.

In conclusion, while YouTube travel channels offer a wealth of inspiration, information, and entertainment for travelers, it’s essential to approach them with a critical mindset and awareness of potential drawbacks. By following the tips and solutions outlined above, travelers can navigate the potential pitfalls of relying
solely on YouTube travel content and make informed decisions that enhance their travel experiences.

Ultimately, YouTube travel channels can serve as valuable resources when used responsibly, providing a window into the world of travel and igniting the wanderlust of viewers around the globe. By verifying information, researching creators, prioritizing safety, and practicing responsible tourism, travelers can make the most
of YouTube travel content while minimizing the risks and drawbacks associated with it.

As with any form of media consumption, moderation and discernment are key. By striking a balance between virtual exploration and real-life experiences, travelers can leverage the power of YouTube travel channels to plan their adventures, broaden their horizons, and create lasting memories around the world.