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Best Content Writing Services for Bloggers

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by | May 22, 2023

Today, a lot of businesses and people are looking for specific content for their websites. When people write, they want to help their readers by letting people know about the things they make. The copywriter’s job is to write this high-quality content, usually in an editorial style, and to do so. They need to get their name out there through a dedicated platform, but many sites are available on the Internet. Our list of the 15 best content writing services is below. We will show you each one in detail. Here the Best Content Writing Services for Bloggers to find out:

Upwork (Rating: 4.5/5)

This platform won the G2 2021 Best Software Award. It connects freelancers and agencies with companies that need help with a project. It makes it easier for both people to talk to each other. Upwork is one of the most popular places to find work as a freelancer. It can be used by people who work in a variety of fields, like writing, translation, sales and marketing, engineering, architecture, and more.


If you sign up, it’s free. However, for each job that is done, Upwork charges a 20% fee. It has a service called Upwork Huddle that connects freelancers in different cities all over the world, like New York City.

  • Computers and mobile phones can use it.
  • A platform that has a lot of demand and a lot of chances.

How does this thing work?

When you sign up for a platform like this, you’ll need to make a profile. This is your cover letter. Having a well-organized biography of your background and work experience in the field is important, so make sure it is done right. Afterward, Upwork will show you a list of companies where you can work. Send them your ideas. Keep in mind that the more projects you finish, the more chances you will have.

  • It has a very safe way to pay.
  • This app is very comfortable and easy to use.
  • It has a messaging system that lets people stay in touch with your technical help.
  • This is a great search tool.
  • There is a lot of competition going on at all times
  • When it comes to fake accounts, you should be very wary of them
  • If you want to buy something from them, you’ll have to speak English.

Pricing Upwork has a sliding service fee for your payouts, with the highest being a fee of 20% away from profits of $500 or less.

Rightly Written (Rating: 2.8/5)

This content writing service can write press releases, blog posts, articles, and more. They also write article descriptions and more. All the content on this website is written by professional copywriters and checked by experienced editors.

How does this thing work?

This is a website where you can sign up if you want to work as a professional copywriter through this platform. Before you can apply to Rightly Written, you’ll need to show us your previous work, along with the links, and send us your CV. Once you are accepted, you will be given some tests to do. When they are fixed and approved, you will be able to start on a trial basis & work with a wide range of clients. If you are a customer, you must also sign up and start placing your order right away, specifying the structure of the text as soon as you can. Following that, you make the payment. A few days after the article is sent to the client, the client can either accept or ask for changes before the article is marked done and the payment is taken.


Rightly Written has three packages for press releases, and all of them come with copywriting and editorial reviews. Each package is shown here. In this case, it’s called “standard.” This is what people on the platform called “basic.” With this option, your press release is written by a standard copywriter, who also gets an editorial review. If you want to write more in-depth and detailed content, this is the best option for you. It also has extra services, like expert writers, paid reviews, SEO content, and two levels of editorial review, so you can get even more help with your business. Finally, we have c) Expert, which costs the most even though it has made a big difference in services like professional writers who have been checked by two editors and who can make two free changes.

  • It has a lot of different writing services for different types of things.
  • High quality in the people who work there (professional and highly trained writers and editors).
  • Cheap prices.
  • You can buy a single order or a package of blog posts every month.
  • People don’t answer quickly.
  • There may be extra costs for expert accounts.


It has two categories standard &premium and Expert. For 325 words, it charges $45 -$71

Fiverr (Rating: 4.4/5)

Fiverr is a web platform where people can buy and sell digital goods and services. It is one of the most popular places to make money online with odd jobs. There are many ways to make money on this site. You can make money by translating documents, making brochures and logos, or writing software. There is a service called Fiverr that lets you do almost anything that can be done digitally.


  • It has a very long list of services and products that it can offer.
  • It has a set of levels based on the skills each person has.
  • At the very least, each task should cost at least $5 to do.
  • More than ten years of work.
  • All countries can use it.

How does this thing work?

Sellers and buyers both have to sign up for the site’s web portal, which is completely free. To make sure their account is real, they must send an email to the address they used to sign up. Once you finish, you can start looking around the site.

The Freelancer’s level

On Fiverr, freelancers are put into three different groups based on their skills. It means that business owners will be able to find exactly what they need, both in terms of rate and skills. In this way: Turnaround time: This is based on customer satisfaction and how well the work is done: Seller level 1: This level is reached after 60 days of being on the platform and having an account. In addition, you must have done at least ten tasks that were done well and made the customer happy. Seller Level 2: It takes a seller 120 days and at least 50 jobs to reach this level. In addition, being on time is very important.

Top Rated Salesperson: These freelancers have been with Fiverr for more than 180 days and have worked on more than 100 projects. They also have happy customers. If you’re a new vendor, there is also a level for you. This level is for people who are still learning about the categories they’re working in.

Fiverr Pro (Rating: 4.6/5)

To top it off, there is still one more level to add to the ones we’ve already talked about. To get into Fiverr Pro, you need to send a special application to the web administration, along with your entire portfolio of previous work, so they can let you in. Web page: Only 1% of applications make it through the review process. However, if you want the best quality and service and you have a lot of money, this can be the best choice for you.

  • It makes it possible for long-term partnerships.
  • It has an “Extra Fast Delivery” option for people who need it, which means they can get a job done in less than 24 hours.
  • You don’t need to know how to sell to do it. Just be yourself.
  • The more you level up, the more people see you.
  • Earnings can’t be withdrawn before 14 days, except at the maximum seller level, where they can be withdrawn right away.
  • New sellers don’t get much attention.
  • Commissions for small amounts are thought to be a little high.


In fiver also three packages with Basic, standard & premium. The primary charge is $5 for any content.

ProBlogger (Rating: 3.1/5)

Darren Rowse, a professional blogger, started the platform in 2004. It become the primary source of income for many freelancers. In recent years, this site became more and more popular and well-known, becoming the go-to site for bloggers who want to write content.

How does this thing work?

You can only find paid jobs on this site if they are posted in the “Job Board” area. Then, freelancers are told about the jobs. ProBlogger is free for marketers to use, but only if they want to. However, it charges businesses for packages that usually cost more than $300 a month. Another thing: This platform is only for ads. It doesn’t matter if you use the platform or not. ProBlogger’s role ends when a job is posted on the site.

  • The design is clean and easy to use. It also has a panel from which you can manage all of your listings.
  • It does both marketing and recruiting at the same time.
  • Free for freelancers.
  • The packages that are available can be a little pricey for buyers.
  • There are only a few categories because this site is only for writers.
  • The time it takes for Customer Service to answer may vary.


The basic package is for an article is starts from $75 for 15 days.

TextWorkers (Rating: 3.2/5)

This is a platform that helps people buy content at low prices by providing services that make it easier to do so. Text Workers have a lot of skilled workers who have worked for a long time.

How does this thing work?

If you work for a company and want to hire writers, you need to sign up for a free account. In the next step, you go to your control panel and fill out a simple order form to place the order. The report must say what the goals and needs are, as well as any rules or guidelines. It doesn’t take long for the platform to find the right person for the job after the order is placed. The content is then edited by professionals, checked for quality, and certified by Copyscape.

  • Good quality content, too.
  • Easy to use:
  • Affordable prices for businesses that want to hire.
  • To become a seller on this platform, you must have worked in the field for at least five years.
  • It is a place only for copywriters.

It has a universal pricing structure for all content types. It is $0.07 per word.

Freelancer (Rating: 4.7/5)

It is one of the big names in the world of Freelancers. Advertisers can use this marketplace platform to carry out specific projects. There are near more than 25 million registered users. This site connects businesses that need a service with people who work from home. Almost more than 50 awards have been given to Freelancer for the way it has done business and how well it is known around the world.


Some of the things they do are make web pages and graphics translate texts, and write sales letters. The service can be used by a lot of countries around the world.

  • It works with a lot of different ways to pay.
  • It has a good technical support team.
  • The number of people who use it can be bad because it makes it more likely that you’ll run into fake profiles.
  • Ads and spam are everywhere.
  • Professional editors will not be proofreading the work that people send in.


Despite the fact that this platform is very popular, many of its employees have been very critical of it. This is because Freelancer has affected so many profiles, withholding money and charging for work done by its sellers. This is because so many people have been affected by this.


The platform takes a 10% fee on projects and contest winnings. No fixed price is defined here. For fixed-price projects, a fee of 3% or ₹150.00 INR is levied, and for milestones, it charges 500 INR or 10%, whichever is higher.

ContentWriters (Rating: 3.1/5)

To help businesses find content writers who have a lot of experience, this site is the main goal. It sells its service to agencies, e-commerce websites, and websites that make money online. It looks like a lot of professional content creators have been happy with this platform. If you’re looking for work as a freelancer or for a company to hire, this site is still the best option. It was founded in 2013, and its head office is in New York.


  • It has good writers who are well-trained and chosen with the utmost care.
  • If you are a buyer and you are not satisfied with the work delivered, you can choose to request as many revisions of the content as you wish.
  • We do not charge per word, but each piece of content is charged at a fixed price.
  • Every piece of content you buy will be edited, proofread, and checked for plagiarism.
  • You must be able to speak English well in order to choose a picture.
  • It’s not possible to choose a specific writer if you are a customer. They are chosen by the platform.
  • High prices for what you get.


For a 1000-word article, a typical rate would be $200-$700,

PeoplePerHour (Rating: 3.2/5)

As a European platform, it has more than 1 million jobs that have worked out. It was founded in the UK in 2007. It has a structure that is very similar to Fiverr’s. This platform lets you keep track of both your own Freelancer account and a contractor account at the same time. PeoplePerHour has a big advantage because you can search for people in a specific area. So you can hire people from your own country and from all over the world. You can choose from various range of projects, including software development, art, and more.


  • It has a lot of options and chances to try new things.
  • This is great for beginners.
  • You can look for workers in your area.
  • A single account is all you need to buy and sell services from each other.
  • They charge a lot of money.
  • There are so many projects on the interface that it can be hard to keep track of them all.
  • Only a few ways to pay.
  • In this case, there will be no help with technical issues through the chat.


The downside here is that freelancers face 20% fees, but they slide down the greater the cost of the project. An hourly rate starts at $8 per hour, and project offers start at $10 apiece.

SEMrush’s content marketplace (Rating: 2.6/5)

SEMrush is known as the best tool for finding out what your competitors are up to online. This tool does keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, social media management, and a lot more. In other words, this website allows content creators to also become more knowledgeable and skilled in the field, which helps them get more attention online.


Unique software that allows people to make, manage, and measure campaigns across all channels at the same time.

  • A lot of guides and tools.
  • Immediate and reliable customer service.
  • A look at how search tools look.
  • There are a lot of costs for its service.
  • Due to the amount of content and tools, it can be a little hard to keep track of everything.


It has three options to choose from. Pro, Guru & Business. Where price ranges between $119-$449 per month.

WriterAccess (Rating: 2.8/5)

In 2005, the company started out in Boston as a content marketing company. Use: Microsoft, 3M, and AAA have all used this platform. It has a very powerful and easy-to-use search tool that helps buyers find experienced writers. People who specialize in writing blogs, product descriptions, and other types of content can also be found.

  • It has a lot of experts in different fields and specialties who write for it.
  • It has a talent check and a star rating system for writing.
  • It has a strict verification process to keep spam out.
  • If you don’t like the content, you can get your money back!
  • This is a search function that is run by AI.

In order to be a writer, you must be a resident of the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. You must be a resident of Canada, South Africa, Ireland, and Australia.

  • Needs a good understanding of English.
  • High prices are in their plans.

Types of accounts

WriterAccess has a lot of different pricing options for customers. Afterward, customers who want to keep using this tool will have to pay for the services it has to offer: Basic Program: This option lets you get into the site, hire writers and use a limited tool service. Pro Program: This level lets up to 10 people use freelancers like illustrators, photographers, and writers. It also has more tools and language qualifiers. Premium Program: An unlimited number of people can get into this level. Content managers, strategists, style editors, and translators are available at the Premium level for customers who want to use the service. In addition, they can use tools that make analytical reports, build personas, and publish to many different clients.


It also has three packages Basic, Pro & Premium. Pricing ranges are $39-$99 per month.

Text Mercato (Rating: 3.0/5)

This London and Paris-based company is a technology-based company that helps people write content for the web. This tool lets its users choose who will write content, check for plagiarism and duplication, and get reports on the quality of that content in terms of rating, English quality, and word density. It also provides copywriting services for the content that it makes. Their prices depend on the type of content, the expected quality, the size of the order, and the time frame.

  • For people who are just started to work in the field, this is great.
  • It has blogged for writers to talk about and share ideas, which helps build a collaborative culture.


  • Sometimes you have to work longer to meet the deadline, but it’s worth it.


Hourly rates vary from $70–$100 per hour for new and junior copywriters $100–$130 per hour for mid-level copywriters. The top-level copywriter can demand $130–$240 per hour.

iWriter (Rating:3.9/5)

This is an English-speaking website that connects freelance business writers with people who want to hire them. It also connects them with people who want to hire them. iWriter usually pays its content creators based on how many words they write. In addition, it can write blog posts, E-books, general proofreading, and Amazon Kindle books. On the other hand, the lists of topics that clients ask for are usually very long because they can write about any subject.


Packages are the most important thing about this website. Each customer gets a different deal. To make things even better, we’re going to tell you about them below. Standard Package: This package comes with original content for a low price. However, all writers who start on this website start out as Standard writers on their own, so the content may be better or worse depending on who wrote it. There are more options at this level for finding better writers who have already worked on the site. In the Elite plus Package, you can get the best writers you can get for your project. In the end, though, it has to be the best way to get a good and competitive article.


  • There is a quick turnaround time for this.
  • A lot of help from customer service if there are problems with payment.
  • Then, you don’t have to pay.
  • It’s quite easy to use and has a very simple interface.
  • Cheap prices.
  • If you want to be a writer, you must be able to speak and write English well.
  • Some of their services are very rigid.


It charges about – $4-$6 dollars per hour.

iNeedArticles (Rating:3.3/5)

A lot of people who need different types of texts, like product descriptions and blog posts from experts, use this platform now. It has a great reputation for having content that is very different and unique. There are many different types of text content that I need articles made, edited, and published for different things, like advertising campaigns and social media posts. In addition, they work with a lot of different businesses, like photography, design, and video production, to name a few.

  • It was very quick to get.
  • All of the content is original.
  • The ability to make texts in a certain style.
  • Making changes to the content costs extra.


There is no strict rule for pricing, starting from $5 to $100

TextMaster (Rating: 2.8/5)

It was founded in 2011 and said it is a professional translation service with translators who speak more than 50 languages. It offers three types of services: translation, content writing, and proofreading. These are the three main types of work it does. TextMaster can translate for a wide range of businesses. You can also get help with technical, legal, marketing, and commercial branding, as well as with video adaptation and subtitling.


  • They use special software with cutting-edge technology to check the work that will be done.
  • Translation Glossary is a tool that has a database of words and phrases. This lets language experts keep their level of consistency.
  • Its Post Editor tool can read projects written in different languages, removing mistakes and making the text easier to read, so it’s easier to understand.

How does this thing work?

If you are a copywriter, the first thing you need to do is sign up for an account on the platform. Then, you need to list your fields of expertise and interests. Once your profile is approved, you can work on the translation or copywriting projects that are right for you to work on. If you’re a business looking for people, all you have to do to find them is look at their profiles and place an order. Then, you start setting the parameters that are needed. Finally, a team of editors looks over all the material before it is sent out.

  • Friendly prices.
  • There is a very good technical translation here.
  • A lot of different things to do.
  • The support team is nice.
  • If you have a due date, you might not always meet it.
  • To get text out of documents that can’t be changed, the platform charges extra money.
  • They usually charge more for the service of a professional translator because they are more skilled.


It has three pricing options .where basic charges 0.08 euro per word, enterprise charges 0.08 euro per word, and Expert charges 0.16 euro per word.

Verblio (Rating:3.0/5)

It’s called Verblio, and it’s based in Denver, CO. It has a lot of very good writing. As a bonus, it is aimed at different marketing agencies small and big businesses in the United States, too. There are more than 3000 writers on this platform, and they all work together to make branded content that improves a company’s SEO. Another thing: It has a wide range of services like informative articles and blogs, press releases and video scripts, as well as a lot more.


  • People who write or make content for it are some of the best around.
  • It tends to give more weight to writers who are Hubspot Inbound certified.
  • Instead of paying writers for the time they spend writing, customers buy their work from them.
  • In Verblio, there are a lot of forums where you can read tips from other writers.
  • To do this, you must be old enough to legally do this.
  • Verblio only accepts 4% of the people who apply.

You will only be able to write 300 words when you start writing. As you get more experienced, you can choose to work on more difficult projects and for a longer time.

How does this thing work?

It’s important for clients to tell us what kind of content they need, how many words it should be, how it should be written, and other things. On the other hand, freelance writers who want to work on the project can write the content based on the instructions. In the next step, clients will read the articles and can decide which one they want to pay for.

  • Once you register and work for a while, you move up the ladder and can earn more money.
  • It lets people who write make money from their hobby or passion.
  • This platform is quite easy to use and quick to learn.
  • There are no ways to earn money.
  • Verblio eventually gets rid of writers who aren’t selling any content.


Pay starts at $10.50 for a 300-400 word post and, beyond that, varies based on the word length.


To sum up, when seeking the best content writing services for bloggers, it’s paramount to prioritize quality, expertise in your niche, customization, and clear communication. SEO optimization, consistent delivery, a strong portfolio, reasonable pricing, positive reviews, flexibility, and legal considerations also play vital roles in making an informed choice. Remember, your blog’s success hinges on the caliber of content you offer, making the selection of a reliable writing service a crucial decision. By finding a service that aligns with your blog’s vision and goals, you’ll be well-equipped to engage your audience, enhance your online presence, and ultimately achieve your blogging aspirations.


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