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How to Get More Pinterest Traffic to Your Site

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by | May 12, 2023

So many business owners and bloggers overlook Pinterest because they believe that the application is mainly for recipes and interior design ideas. That is true, but it has a variety of blogs and site topics like fitness, DIY, Finance, fashion, and everything else you would have any desire to know. Here we explore the each point how to get more Pinterest Traffic to Your Site easily?

You know how difficult it is to drive traffic if you already have a blog, especially if you do not use paid ads. As a blogger, you’ll learn why Pinterest is a terrific platform and how to use it to your advantage.

I will show you reasons why I think Pinterest is great for bloggers and other small businesses owners.

It’s easy to rank. Pinterest’s algorithms are not as advanced as Google’s, making it easier and faster to rank for popular keywords.

Misconceptions have led some people to believe that Pinterest is a social media platform, but it is a search engine. It is a search engine. It only means that your content will continue to be found over the years after being published, unlike other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where the content disappears after some hours.

The Pinterest audience consists of high-income users. 27% of adults who use this platform earn $30,000-74,999 per year, and 41% earn more than $75,000, according to research.

What is the Process of Pinterest?

A “pin” is a way to describe something that has appeared on social media. Users on Pinterest can categorize the pins they save under various headings. They can then be held to a “board” by a follower. You can find digital bulletin boards and ideas boards on a digital “board.” a user’s collection of pins with a common theme Name your board and save information from Pinterest that relates to it.

Let’s imagine you stumble into some incredible information on web services. Could you save it to one of your boards? Click on “save.” As soon as you select it, it gets pinned to that board. The content you’ve pinned to each of your panels is then visible to your followers.

Follow these tips and tricks to grow Pinterest traffic for your site.

  1. Make Use of Keywords in Your Pin Descriptions And titles
    To make your Pins more discoverable. You’ll need to start brainstorming some common keywords in your niche and type them into the search bar.As a way to make the most out of your Pins, you’ll want to the title and description should include your primary keyword. When you’re pinning a picture, include the main keyword(Pinterest reads text placed on images) You should include other keywords in your Pin description if possible. The final paragraph of your Pin description should include between 2 and 5 relevant hashtags.
  • Do A Proper Pinterest Keyword Research

At this level, I must inform you about the basics of Google SEO, and you are also familiar with the term “KEYWORD RESEARCH.” But in case you are not, keyword research is looking for popular search terms people type into search engines. You must include them strategically in your published content to appear higher in search results.

  1. Make use of the Pinterest search bar
  2. Explore the platform to find different niches and topics
  3. Find keywords using Pinterest ads.
  4. Keep track of your keywords.
  • Ensure That the Title of Your Blog Post Is Complementary

Pinterest is getting increasingly similar to Google. The platform now scans your blog post to see how closely it connects to the Pin linked.

It’s essential to check your Pins for “Pin cohesiveness” or ensure that the content you’re linking to is consistent across all of your Pins.

Pinterest wants to ensure that a Pin’s web page reflects its semantics. You may anticipate Pinterest to link your “Green Throw Pillow” Pin to a store site that carries home décor products, such as Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel.

  • Create a Unique Look for Your Pins

To make your Pins stand out, most people advise you to select vivid colors that pique the interest of others. Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest does not favor the use of eye-catching, eye-catching hues. There won’t be anyone to stand out if everyone paints their Pins in neon colors. Look at the Pin designs of other blogs in your niche and build something unique. You can employ earth tone color combinations to stand out, for example, if you’re in the fitness sector and see that all of the Pins have vibrant color schemes. When everyone else utilizes earth tones, you may want to try something a little more outlandish. If you want people to click on your site, you should use intriguing Pin names and photos. This strategy isn’t limited to Pinterest pins and email subject lines.

  • Apply to Rich Pins

A Rich Pin is one in which information from your website is automatically retrieved and synced with changes made to a post on your blog. Such as when you update the year or the wording in your heading/title. That makes it easier for readers to access additional information about your content when they click on it.

There are four types of rich pins;

  • Article Rich Pins show the title, meta description, and author of the blog
  • Recipe Rich Pins offer the title, service size, cook time, ratings, or list of ingredients
  • Product Rich Pins show up-to-date information on product availability and pricing
  • App Rich Pins show an install button for users to download your app without leaving Pinterest.
  • Add Your Website

It is the simplest way to drive traffic to your website by adding your URL to your page on Pinterest. It will appear at the top and be one of the first things visitors get to see on your brand page. It makes it easy for any individual who may want to see more content from your blog.

  • Verify Your Website

Verifying your web will unlock Pinterest’s free analytic tool, which you can use to check how much traffic you are getting from this platform to your website or blog and show you how to get more. A tick mark is added beside it when you verify your website, indicating that the site indeed belongs to you. It is an important and simple step that will get more people to click on your site.

  • Add Your URL To The Pin Description

Add your link to the same page or Pin description, and users will not need to go through the long process of expanding the Pinto visit your website. It shortens your audience’s steps to visit your website, hence more traffic. You can also use your full URL, as shortened ones tend to be spam.

  • Add A Call To Action In Your Pin Description

You can ask people to click on your URLs, and this method gets you more clicks to your website. A call to action can be “see more,” “click the following link to learn more,” “Check this page out now,” “visit our page now,” and many others. It will send traffic to your website.

  • Timing is Key

Share your pins at the right time because more people will see them and click on them, which gets you more traffic. Researchers say the best time to share on Pinterest is 2 pm – 4 pm and 8 pm – 1 am in the night, but you can do your pins at different times to know when your audience is most active. Check out tools like GoPixel to help you find the right time to post on this platform.

  1. Add Board Categories

Adding categories to your boards is guaranteed to send traffic to your website because your pins appear on the same category board. It has been available to make it easy for both followers and target followers to view them in everything.

  1. Contribute To Popular Group Boards

Popular group boards already have a loyal following which can be a powerful source for traffic, share articles from your website and other group members to get their followers to click on your links. This simple trick will help you quickly grow traffic to your website with fellow niche bloggers and influencers at your back.

  1. Add Images To Your Website

Increase traffic to your website or blog by allowing users to upload and share their favorite photographs, with a minimum image size of 100 by 200 pixels. Having no graphics on your website makes it difficult to spread the word about your information, resulting in low traffic.

  1. Enhance Your Website With A “Pin It” Button

It is another way to get people to share the images on your website; adding the Pin it button will drive more traffic to your website. You can find this on the widget builder page on your website or blog.

You can also create a scroll over the image where it appears at the top of your photo when you hover over any image.

  1. Use Taller Images

Taller images are known to receive more repines on Pinterest, which is very beneficial to your website and blog.

Because Pinterest is mostly an image-based platform, it’s easy for your content to go unnoticed. A compelling image must compel the viewer to take notice.

One method to stand out from the crowd is to use long-form visuals.

More extended photos and visuals are the most popular on Pinterest (typically 735 by 1102px). Because of this, infographics are pretty popular on Pinterest. Following these guidelines and using tools like Visme to generate your infographics makes it simple to incorporate infographics into your social media and overall visual strategy.

  1. Add Website Address Or Company Name To Images

You can get images to drive more traffic to your website by adding your website address or company name to them. This way, when people see the image, even after republishing, they will always know that you created it and can learn more if they visit your website.

  1. Place Text On Images with Keywords

Pictures or images with a text describing the image or page typically perform well on Pinterest as users will know what they will learn on clicking the Pin. That is effective, especially for blog posts; you can create a cover image with the title of your blog posts. Use readable fonts and a transparent background for this to work well.

  1. Label Your Images

You have to label the actual file on your website with a relevant name because the name of the file/image appears automatically in the description when you pin it. That helps all your pins to have good descriptions, which will drive traffic to your site. When you add the image to a blog post, name it with the post’s title. If it is an employee- add their name and a short bio; if it is a product-add, the product’s name and writes a description, and so on. This information appears in the pin description, which we are currently developing.

  1. Measure Results

It is essential to measure results to know which posts work best and which ones don’t. The analytics tool will help you see all this information on Pinterest, and it also shows you helpful content which will drive traffic to your website because you know what users are searching for or reading.

  1. Put Your Blog Posts on a Pinterest Board

You want your visitors to find, read, and follow your content regularly. If you’re going to attract new readers, you need to create a Pinterest board for your blog entries. In rare cases, this strategy can potentially affect the SEO ranking of your blog entries.

It would help choose a board name based on terms your target audience actively searches. That will boost the likelihood that your board will appear in Pinterest search results. In addition, include a detailed explanation of what you’re promoting. It would help if you sprinkled target keywords naturally throughout a few phrases.

Make sure to provide a link to your blog article in each of your Pins so that visitors may find your site.

  1. Initiate and Manage a Promotion

The benefits of social contests are many: they are an excellent way to get your name out there, generate new leads, and increase the buzz around your company. More people will visit your boards and website due to the increased interest generated by your posts.

You create a contest board and allow your audience to submit their favorite blog posts directly from your website (ask them to take the URL and share it on Pinterest). Then having the participants leave a comment about why they loved that post is one approach to improve traffic to your site. You may award a prize to the individual who posts the most insightful remarks.

To entice your audience, choose gifts that they will find intriguing. Spread the word about the contest via email and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Drive Traffic to Your Site with Pinterest Ads

Ads on Pinterest Advertising are what you’re getting with social media. Clicking on an advertising link sends users to your website or blog, where unique offers and deals may be available for them to get the benefit. You can achieve this goal with the marketing materials you create, such as text links, photographs, and videos.

Pinterest Ads Social Media has a variety of options.

Purely text-based ads

Because of their low cost and ease of implementation, pins like this are the most common form of advertising you’ll find on Pinterest.

These are some of the advertisements that appear. If you’re advertising a product or service, you may not need an image to go along with your content on social media. You only need to enter your URL and link text once and then uses a colorful background to set it off.

Ads that are entirely dependent on images are called “visual-only.”

These are more expensive than text-only ads since they employ images and videos to promote your product or service rather than just words. As a result of their visual appeal, these advertisements have more excellent conversion rates than text-only ads on social media.

Ads in the video

Even though the video is more expensive than text-only or image-only ads, Pinterest allows advertisers to use it as a third option for advertising. When someone clicks on an advertisement for a video, they go to an embedded YouTube video.

How Pinterest Ads Can help your site utilizing the Power of Social Media

You can use Pinterest Ads for advertising your products, services, or brand because they are practical advertising tools. With Pinterest Ads, you’ll be able to

  • Use relevant advertising to reach your target demographic Content and social media
  • Get interested customers to sign up for a mailing list.
  • Get more people to follow your website by making it more interesting.
  • You can boost sales by increasing the number of people that visit your website.
Formats that are heavily reliant on images

Standard: Put together a simple vertical or square layout to show your products and content.

Video: Utilize the visually arresting video format of Pinterest to deliver a compelling narrative effectively.

Shopping: Transform your entire product Buyable Pins Pinterest into advertising right away to help expand your reach and revenue.

Carousel: Add difficulty level by allowing visitors to browse multiple images in one ad.

Collections: Using a hybrid format that combines still photographs and video, you can show your items in action.

What is the Process of Pinterest Ads?

Using Pinterest Ads is a great way to reach many people with a single marketing effort. User-generated content is used on Pinterest similarly to other social media networks.

Regardless of who you’re trying to reach, it’s probable that they’ll be on Pinterest.

It is possible to use Pinterest Ads to promote your business by submitting photographs that can be “pinnable.” It will appear in their feed and alert them to your products and services when someone “Pins” buyable pins from your board or Pinterest promoted pins from your picture or promoted board.

Start a conversation with them before they select to buy anything from you using the “buy” button at the top of your advertising’ page.

Conclusion: Get More Pinterest Traffic to Your Site

Many websites and blogs benefit from Pinterest traffic. As a result, many small businesses are interested in learning more about Pinterest. Pins should point to an online location, whether it’s your website, your blog, or some other type of landing page. To drive traffic, make sure all of the pins you generate are pointing to the correct page on your website.

Taking your audience to the next step requires a crystal-clear call to action. To be more successful in your social media marketing efforts, you need to inform your audience how they should perform.

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