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How to Pack Light Tips for Effortless Travelling?

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by | Sep 29, 2023

Have you decided to travel and survey the world? Do you want to travel as light as a bird? When it comes to packing for a trip, I always pack all the wardrobes in my bag, and as a result, I have a lot of luggage. If you are someone who comes back from vacation and half of their clothes are left unworn, this post about light packing is for you! How to Pack Light Tips for Effortless Travelling?

Whether it’s a short weekend trip or a few weeks of travel, light packing is a skill that requires skill and years of practice. Luckily, I’ve been trying this for the past 20 years as a full-time travel writer. I don’t have a Master’s degree in Packing Light yet (it’s a very long degree), but I learned through my experience. Let’s dive into this blog to explore about Light Packing:

Best Packing Tips for Effortless

we’ll share the best packing tips to make the process effortless and ensure you’re well-prepared for your next adventure or relocation. From organizing essentials to maximizing space, get ready to pack like a pro!

Pick a comfy, stylish travel outfit.

Slim jeans, loafers, and blazers still make the first impression (especially when traveling in big cities). But let’s be honest: you’re spending your summer vacation and sitting in one place for a long time while on the move. You may like leggings, jeans, jumpsuits, and maxi dresses, but they are unsuitable for travel. It is too tight, too voluminous, difficult to walk, difficult to run to the gate, and challenging toilet handling! Instead, wear slippers, closed-toed espadrilles, elastic ankle pants, and seasonal sweatshirts and jackets. It’s a travel outfit, but it goes well with all the packed items, so you can make the most of your choices.

Having a Minimal List

You tend to get a lot of luggage when you go on a trip, but let’s curb that urge! One of the tips for minimalist travel is to create a packing list and edit it until it’s just what you need.

Start by brainstorming everything you think you need for your trip. Then, we look through each item and ask ourselves: “Is this really necessary? By honestly thinking about what is essential and what is not, you will be surprised at how much you can omit from the list of luggage. One of my favored minimalist packing hacks is using the Google Keep app to make a list.

The list is divided by family, and the items are checked while packing. By reusing the same list, you can make sure you don’t have anything left behind when you return home!

Separate dirty clothes from new ones

It is a tacit understanding that is always present during travel. Even if new clothes and laundry soaps are prepared to wash dirty clothes, they need to be separated during the trip. I buy a cheap drawstring bag and put dirty clothes in it. In this way, the suitcase can be cleaned up, and there is no need to distinguish between new clothes and non-suitcases. Preparing a cheap drawstring bag of different sizes is also useful for storing and organizing accessories and cosmetics!

Use packing cubes

It is one of the most efficient ways to lighten your travel packing, as it’s one of the best tips to pack smartly. Packing cubes not only helps you organize your backpack but also helps you decide what and how to pack. Since there are four packing cubes, the four packing cubes should fit all the luggage. The best packing technique is assigning each item category to a particular packing cube. For example, T-shirts, tops, bottoms, and underwear.

Use Luggage Scale

If you decide to only take baggage, the luggage scale is essential. Depending on airline restrictions, you want to ensure your carry-on bag is no more than 7 or 12 kg. I’ve been using a lot of scales for carry-on for years, but I also had fairly heavy bags (until I knew how to lighten my bags!). You might think it’s ridiculous, but using a scale designed to fit your hand, lift your luggage easily, and read its weight is important!

One of the scales I had, to lift a 20 kg bag and see the weight displayed on the side of the scale, needed flexing and stretching exercises! Here is the recommended baggage scale I use. It is easy to lift, and it is easy to see the weight. Moreover, it is super light, so it is convenient when you plan to shop overseas and need to carry it around!

Invest in Merino wool and technical fiber.

The longer a garment is worn without washing, the less baggage it needs. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Merino wool travel wear absorbs sweat and is antibacterial and deodorized, making it ideal for long laundering intervals. After a week or more of travel, you can sweat a little. It is a journey. So, why not choose an item that can reduce the stuffiness during a trip for several days more than usual? Merino wool does not need to be washed as often as cotton (or technical fiber such as polyester). Wearing the same socks and underwear for several days is an excellent effort with cotton. Merino, what would you do if it were wool? If it is merino wool, it is hygienic. Merino wool clothes are so expensive that they don’t fit everyone. My favorite Merino wool brand, Smart Wool, frequently runs socks and underwear campaigns. If you look closely at the clearance corner, you’ll find something that is quite discounted.

Use a Packing organizer

Use packing organizers such as packing cubes, staff sacks, and compression bags to make the most of your space and keep your belongings organized. Instead of putting clothes in the bag as they are, put them in a packing cube to organize them so that they can be easily found and quickly taken out. Also, the number of luggage is naturally limited. Also, a staff sack is convenient for putting together underwear, socks, earplugs, jewelry, sewing sets, gadgets, and other miscellaneous things you don’t want to throw into the bag. On the other hand, the compression bag can save a lot of space because it removes excess air and compresses the object. If you compress it, the bag will not be light, and it will be too cramped.

Roll vs. Fold & Packing Cell

Roll anything with cotton, like leggings, singles, or tops. A floating object like a tunic top is folded. You can also squeeze. The socks are squeezed into the shoes, and the accessories are put into the sunshade cap to keep their shape. But last year, I discovered a packing cell, and my clothes began to fit in the bag like a jigsaw puzzle. The underwear is one, the tops are another, the 3/4 length leggings are one, the single pants are one, and the long pants are with a cardigan or a thin jacket. In addition, once you arrive at the hotel, you can live without getting out of the suitcase by simply putting the cell in the drawer.

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Conclusion: How to Pack Light Tips 

In the final words you are learned about How to Pack Light Tips for effortless travelling. Packing light is the removal of luggage from a bag to make it lighter. However, you may not be able to get rid of all unnecessary items at once. Like any skill, packing light is not an easy task that can be mastered in a few days. The more lightly we pack, the more skillful we become. With the right mindset and preparation, you can travel within two weeks with only a backpack or carry bag. The secret of our packing will be the opportunity for you to pack like a professional.

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