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How to start a Beauty Videos Youtube Channel and make Money in the long run?

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by | Jan 27, 2024

Table of Contents

Beauty videos are content inform of videos found on various online platforms, particularly on YouTube and social media, that revolves around beauty-related topics. Here we are going to explore for you How to start a Beauty Videos Youtube Channel to earn $5000 per month easily.

These videos typically cover a wide range of subjects within the beauty and cosmetics industry, catering to audiences interested in makeup, skincare, haircare, fashion, and personal grooming.

Beauty videos can include diverse content such as:

Makeup Tutorials

  • Step-by-step demonstrations of makeup application techniques for various looks, from everyday makeup to special occasions.


 Product Reviews

  • In-depth evaluations and opinions on beauty products, including makeup, skincare items, haircare products, and beauty tools.


 Skincare Routines

  • Guides and routines showcasing skincare regimens, tips for achieving healthy skin, and reviews of skincare products.


Fashion Hauls

  • Showcasing recent fashion purchases, clothing hauls, and style recommendations.


Haircare Tips

  • Advice on haircare routines, styling techniques, product reviews, and tutorials for different hairstyles.


Beauty Challenges

  • Participating in or creating beauty-related challenges, such as makeup challenges or trying out unconventional beauty trends.


Get Ready With Me (GRWM) Videos

  • Sharing the process of getting ready for an event or day, including makeup application, outfit selection, and personal insights.


DIY Beauty

  • Crafting and demonstrating do-it-yourself beauty solutions, including homemade skincare masks, hair treatments, or beauty hacks.


Product Comparisons

  • Analyzing and comparing different beauty products to help viewers make informed purchasing decisions.


Beauty Videos YouTube Niche

The “Beauty” niche on YouTube is a dynamic and popular category that revolves around content related to cosmetics, skincare, haircare, fashion, and personal grooming.

As a content creator within the beauty niche, you can explore various types of videos to cater to a diverse audience interested in enhancing their appearance, staying updated on beauty trends, and discovering new products.

The beauty niche on YouTube offers ample opportunities for creativity, personal expression, and building a dedicated audience.

As trends evolve, staying informed and adapting your content to cater to the interests of your viewers will contribute to the long-term success of your beauty channel.

The following are key aspects to look out for beauty niche on YouTube

Makeup Tutorials

  • Create step-by-step guides for different makeup looks, ranging from everyday makeup to elaborate and themed looks. Provide tips, tricks, and product recommendations.


Product Reviews

  • Share honest reviews of beauty products, including makeup, skincare, haircare, and beauty tools. Discuss the pros and cons to help viewers make informed decisions.


Skincare Routines

  • Develop and share skincare routines, emphasizing the importance of skincare for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. Review skincare products and demonstrate their application.


Fashion and Style

  • Showcase your fashion sense with outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) videos, fashion hauls, and styling tips. Collaborate with fashion brands for sponsored content.


Haircare Tips and Tutorials

  • Provide tutorials for different hairstyles, haircare routines, and tips for maintaining healthy hair. Review hair products and tools.


Beauty Challenges

  • Participate in popular beauty challenges, such as makeup challenges or trying out new beauty trends. Engage with your audience by encouraging them to take on the challenges as well.


Get Ready With Me (GRWM) Videos

  • Take your audience through your preparation routine for different occasions, sharing insights into your makeup, hair, and outfit choices.


DIY Beauty

  • Explore do-it-yourself beauty solutions, including creating homemade skincare masks, hair treatments, or beauty hacks. Encourage audience interaction by asking them to try these DIY solutions.


Lifestyle and Vlogs

  • Integrate lifestyle elements into your content, sharing glimpses of your daily life, travel experiences, and behind-the-scenes moments.


Community Engagement

  • Foster a sense of community by actively engaging with your audience through comments, polls, and Q&A sessions. Respond to viewer questions and create content based on their interests.



  • Collaborate with other beauty influencers, brands, or professionals in the industry. Cross-promote each other’s content to expand your reach.


Advantages of Creating Beauty Content on YouTube

  1. Wide Audience Appeal: Attracts diverse demographics and age groups.
  2. Evergreen Content: Timeless nature ensures prolonged relevance.
  3. Global Reach: Appeals to an international audience.
  4. Engagement and Community Building: High viewer interaction and community development.
  5. Visual and Aesthetic Appeal: Creativity and high-quality visuals enhance viewer retention.
  6. Collaboration Opportunities: Networking with influencers and brands for mutual growth.
  7. Monetization Potential: Various income streams through YPP, sponsorships, and affiliations.
  8. Brand Partnerships: Attracts collaborations with beauty brands for promotions.
  9. Adaptability to Trends: Flexibility to incorporate emerging beauty trends.
  • Inspiration and Empowerment: Empowers and motivates viewers positively.
  • Lifestyle Integration: Opportunity to showcase personal aspects and enhance viewer connection.


Top Beauty Videos YouTube Channels to Follow

  1. RCLBeauty101 (Rachel Claire Levin)
  2. Jeffree Star
  3. NikkieTutorials
  4. Huda Beauty (Huda Kattan)
  5. Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
  6. Safiya Nygaard
  7. James Charles
  8. SaraBeautyCorner
  9. Manny Mua (Manny Gutierrez)
  • Iluvsarahii
  • Dope2111 (Promise Tamang Phan)
  • Chloe Morello
  • Wayne Goss
  • Desi Perkins
  • ilikeweylie (Weylie Hoang)
  • Bethany Mota
  • Carli Bybel
  • Christen Dominique
  • Jackie Aina
  • Camila Coelho
  • Shaaanxo (Shannon Harris)
  • Lauren Curtis
  • Nyma Tang
  • KathleenLights
  • Jenn Im
  • Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru)
  • Patrick Starrr
  • Lisa Eldridge
  • Jkissa
  • Ellarie
  • Lisa J Makeup
  • Karen Yeung (IAMKARENO)
  • Denitslava Makeup
  • Roxette Arisa

Let’s Talk about how someone can start small and grow slowly within 14 months

Congratulations on reaching this point! It seems like you’re keen on nurturing your beauty channel on YouTube without diving headfirst into excessive advertising.

Growing a YouTube channel takes time and consistency. I would advise that you follow our step-by-step guide on how someone can start small and gradually grow their channel over 14 months.


Phase 1: First 2 Months – Foundation

Identify Your Niche

  • Determine a specific niche for your channel, like beauty, gaming, or lifestyle.


Create High-Quality Content

  • Invest in basic recording equipment.
  • Develop a unique style that sets you apart.


Consistent Posting

Start with one quality video per week.

Phase 2: Months 3-5 – Content Development

Diversify Content

  • Introduce variety in your content to attract a broader audience.

Engage with Viewers

  • Respond to comments and encourage discussions.
  • Use viewer feedback for improvement.

Optimize for Search Engines (SEO)

  • Learn basic SEO for video titles, descriptions, and tags.



Phase 3: Months 6-8 – Audience Building

Social Media Presence

  • Promote your videos on social media platforms.
  • Interact with potential viewers.



  • Reach out to small creators for collaborations.
  • Leverage each other’s audiences.


Consistency is Key

  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule.



Phase 4: Months 9-11 – Monetization Preparation

Monetization Criteria

  • Familiarize yourself with YouTube Partner Program requirements.


Affiliate Marketing

  • Begin exploring affiliate marketing opportunities.


Viewer Involvement

  • Conduct polls or surveys for content preferences.



Phase 5: Months 12-14 – Optimization and Monetization

Analytics Review

  • Analyze your channel analytics.
  • Identify popular content and audience demographics.


Monetization Channels

  • Apply for YouTube Partner Program if eligible.
  • Explore additional revenue streams (affiliates, sponsorships).



  • Quality Over Quantity:
    • Prioritize quality content over frequent uploads.
  • Community Building:
    • Build a community through engagement and discussions.
  • Adapt to Trends:
    • Stay updated with platform and niche trends.
  • Optimize Thumbnails and Titles:
    • Craft compelling thumbnails and use relevant titles.
  • Be Patient:
    • Growth takes time; stay committed to your content.


How long it will take to grow a Beauty Videos Channel?

The time it takes to grow a Beauty Videos Channel on YouTube can vary widely and depends on various factors such as the quality of your content, consistency in uploading videos, engagement with your audience, and the competitiveness of the beauty niche.

In hypotheticals, some creators may experience noticeable growth within 6 months to a year if they consistently produce high-quality, engaging content and actively promote their channel. If you want to know How to start a YouTube Channel for Lifestyle and Fashion to earn Money? go here.

However, building a substantial audience and achieving long-term success often requires several years of dedicated effort. Keep in mind that individual results may vary, and there’s no guaranteed timeline for channel growth.

Quality Content Creation

  • Invest in good recording and editing equipment.
  • Develop a unique style that sets your beauty videos apart.
  • Focus on providing valuable and engaging content.


Consistent Upload Schedule

  • Create a content calendar and stick to a consistent upload schedule.
  • Regular uploads help maintain audience engagement and loyalty.


Engage with Your Audience

  • Respond to comments and encourage audience interaction.
  • Use polls and ask for feedback to involve your viewers in your content.


Effective Use of Thumbnails and Titles

  • Craft compelling thumbnails and titles to attract clicks.
  • Use relevant keywords to optimize for search engines (SEO).


Social Media Promotion

  • Share your videos on various social media platforms.
  • Engage with your audience on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Collaborate with Other Creators

  • Collaborate with fellow beauty YouTubers for cross-promotion.
  • Partnering with others can expose your channel to new audiences.


Utilize Trends and Challenges

  • Stay updated with beauty trends and challenges.
  • Create content around popular trends to capture a wider audience.


Consistent Branding

  • Develop a consistent brand identity for your channel.
  • This includes channel art, logo, and overall aesthetic.


Optimize Video Descriptions

  • Use detailed video descriptions with relevant keywords.
  • Include links to your other videos and social media.


Evaluate Analytics and Adjust

  • Regularly analyze your YouTube analytics.
  • Adjust your content strategy based on viewer preferences and performance data.


Monetization Strategies

  • Explore various monetization options, such as ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.
  • Join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to enable ad revenue.


Create a Community

  • Foster a sense of community among your viewers.
  • Consider starting a fan club or memberships for exclusive content.


Beauty Videos Ideas that are popular for a channel to grow big

When it comes to a beauty channel, the magic lies in vibrant colors and delightful niches.

Your canvas is as diverse as your audience – spanning across age groups and embracing both the elegance of maturity and the enthusiasm of youth.

This niche is not just a content choice; it’s my steadfast path for crafting captivating YouTube content.

Makeup Tutorials

  • Create step-by-step tutorials for different makeup looks, from every day to special occasions.

Product Reviews

  • Share honest reviews of new or popular beauty products in the market.

Skincare Routine

  • Take your audience through your daily or weekly skincare routine, sharing tips and product recommendations.


Get Ready with Me (GRWM)

  • Film your entire preparation process for a specific event, discussing products and techniques.


Challenges and Tags

  • Participate in or create beauty challenges, and respond to popular YouTube tags in the beauty community.


Haul Videos

  • Showcase your recent beauty product purchases and share your initial impressions.


DIY Beauty

  • Create your own beauty products or share DIY beauty treatments and hacks.


Celebrity Makeup Recreations

  • Recreate the makeup looks of celebrities and provide a tutorial on how to achieve them.


Seasonal Makeup Looks

  • Design makeup looks inspired by different seasons, holidays, or events.



  • Collaborate with other beauty YouTubers for unique and engaging content.


Travel Beauty Essentials

  • Share your must-have beauty products and routines when traveling.


Affordable Makeup Finds

  • Feature budget-friendly beauty products and show how to create stunning looks on a budget.


Makeup Collection and Storage

  • Showcase your makeup collection, storage solutions, and organization tips.


Behind-the-Scenes Vlogs

  • Take your audience behind the scenes of your daily life, including your beauty routine.


Haircare Tips and Tutorials

  • Share tips for maintaining healthy hair and create tutorials for various hairstyles.


Interactive Q&A Sessions

  • Host Q&A sessions where you answer questions from your audience about beauty, lifestyle, or personal topics.


Fashion and Beauty Lookbooks

  • Create lookbooks featuring your favorite fashion and beauty combinations.


Day-to-Night Transformations

  • Demonstrate how to transition your makeup look from day to night.


Special Effects Makeup

  • Showcase your skills in special effects makeup, creating unique and artistic looks.


Educational Series

  • Develop a series where you educate your audience on specific beauty topics, such as color theory, skincare ingredients, etc.



Examples of channels that started small and grew big

These examples showcase the diverse paths that creators can take to achieve growth on YouTube. Consistent content, unique perspectives, and audience engagement are common factors that contribute to their success.


YouTube channels that started small and experienced significant growth:


  • Zoe Sugg (Zoella): Zoe Sugg began her beauty and lifestyle channel, Zoella, in 2009, and it quickly gained popularity. Over time, she expanded her content and collaborations, amassing millions of subscribers.

  • James Charles: James Charles started his channel in 2015. With his makeup tutorials, he gained attention and became the first male spokesperson for CoverGirl in 2016. His channel has since grown exponentially.

  • NikkieTutorials: Nikkie de Jager, known as NikkieTutorials, started her makeup channel in 2008. Her talent and unique style garnered attention, leading to collaborations with major brands and a large subscriber base.

  • Safiya Nygaard: Safiya Nygaard left BuzzFeed in 2017 to start her own channel. Her content, ranging from beauty experiments to fashion challenges, resonated with viewers, earning her a substantial following.

  • RCLBeauty101 (Rachel Claire Levin): Rachel Claire Levin began her channel in 2008 with DIY, life hacks, and beauty content. Her diverse range of videos contributed to her channel’s growth over the years.

  • Manny Mua: Manny Gutierrez launched his beauty channel in 2014. As a male beauty vlogger, he gained popularity for his tutorials and reviews, eventually becoming the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline.

  • Carli Bybel: Carli Bybel started her beauty channel in 2011. With makeup tutorials and lifestyle content, she gained a substantial following and later collaborated with brands and launched her own products.



Navigating the Initial Challenges of Growing Your Beauty Channel

Embarking on the journey of growing your YouTube beauty channel might seem slow in the beginning, but steadfast consistency can pave the way for remarkable traction without breaking the bank.


Unlocking the Power of Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to amplifying your revenue streams, affiliate marketing emerges as the beacon. However, there’s a crucial companion in this journey – your very own website.


Why a Website Matters?

Your website isn’t just a virtual placeholder; it’s a dynamic platform where your audience congregates, forging a more intimate connection with your work.


Think of it as bringing them closer to the essence of what you do.


So, in simpler terms, as your viewers converge on your website, the synergy between your YouTube content and the additional layers on your site deepens.


This symbiosis not only enhances engagement but also acts as a nexus for the lucrative realm of affiliate marketing.


Remember, it’s not just about the products; it’s about creating an ecosystem where your audience can immerse themselves in your content.

Making your beauty channel an integral part of their online journey.


With patience, consistency, and the strategic use of affiliate marketing through your website, you’re not just growing a channel; you’re cultivating a digital community.


Creating a Website for Your Beauty Channel

To expand your Beauty Videos Channel’s presence and revenue streams, consider creating a dedicated website.


A step-by-step guide to help you grow on your YouTube channel through Your Website

Choose a Domain Name

  • Select a domain name that reflects your brand. It should be memorable and easy to spell.


Select a Hosting Provider

  • Choose a reliable hosting provider to ensure your website is accessible and performs well.


Install a Content Management System (CMS)

  • Use platforms like WordPress for ease of use and customization.


Design Your Website

  • Opt for a clean and visually appealing design. Ensure it’s mobile-friendly for a better user experience.


Create Essential Pages

  • Include pages like Home, About Us, Contact, and a dedicated page for Affiliate Partnerships.


Integrate Affiliate Links

  • Strategically place affiliate links within your content. Focus on beauty products and brands relevant to your audience.


Optimize for SEO

  • Use relevant keywords in your content and meta tags to enhance search engine visibility.


Engage Your Audience

  • Include features like comments and a forum to encourage community interaction.


Promote Your Website

  • Share your website on social media, in your YouTube video descriptions, and through other channels.


Unboxing Websites

Unboxing websites can inspire your approach to showcasing beauty products. While they may not be beauty-focused, the unboxing concept can be adapted.


The relationship between unboxing websites and beauty channels lies in their commonality of providing reviews, insights, and experiences related to various products.


Both platforms aim to engage audiences by showcasing the unboxing process and offering valuable information about the featured items.


Here’s how they are connected?

Product Exploration

  • Unboxing websites explore a wide range of products, including beauty items in subscription boxes. They delve into the contents, quality, and overall value.


  • Beauty channels, on the other hand, focus specifically on beauty products, providing in-depth reviews, tutorials, and demonstrations.


Audience Engagement

  • Unboxing websites engage audiences through detailed reviews, ratings, and commentary on the unboxed products, catering to individuals interested in diverse categories.


  • Beauty channels engage a targeted audience interested in makeup, skincare, and beauty trends. They create content that resonates with beauty enthusiasts.


Consumer Decision-Making

  • Unboxing websites help consumers make informed decisions by offering insights into the products’ quality, uniqueness, and value for money.


  • Beauty channels contribute to consumer decision-making by showcasing how beauty products perform, their application techniques, and overall effectiveness.


Collaborations and Partnerships

  • Both unboxing websites and beauty channels often collaborate with brands for sponsored content, partnerships, or affiliate marketing to promote products to their respective audiences.


Content Variety

  • Unboxing websites cover a broad spectrum of products, from tech gadgets to lifestyle items, including beauty products.


  • Beauty channels maintain a niche focus on makeup, skincare, and beauty-related content, offering a specialized and detailed perspective.


Examples include;

Unbox Therapy (

  • Unbox Therapy is a well-known platform that unboxes and reviews various tech gadgets and products. The site complements the YouTube channel, offering in-depth reviews, articles, and links to featured products.


My Subscription Addiction (

  • While not exclusively an unboxing site, My Subscription Addiction covers a wide range of subscription boxes across various categories. It provides detailed unboxing reviews, allowing users to explore and discover new subscription services.


Hello Subscription (

  • Hello Subscription is a comprehensive site that covers various subscription boxes, including beauty, lifestyle, and geek-themed subscriptions. The unboxing section offers detailed insights into the contents of different boxes.


Box Insider (

  • This site focuses on curating and reviewing subscription boxes. It includes unboxing experiences, product reviews, and comparisons to help users make informed decisions when choosing subscription services.


Mysubscriptionaddiction (

  • Similar to My Subscription Addiction, this site provides unboxing reviews for a wide range of subscription boxes. It’s a go-to resource for those interested in exploring and understanding the offerings of different subscription services.


Long term plan for the channel

Creating a long-term plan for your beauty YouTube channel involves strategic steps to ensure sustained growth, audience engagement, and monetization.


By combining these elements into a comprehensive long-term plan, you’ll be better positioned to grow your beauty YouTube channel sustainably and achieve lasting success in the competitive online beauty community.


I will share a simple breakdown of key components for a long-term plan.


Content Strategy

  • Diverse Content: Expand your content beyond tutorials to include product reviews, challenges, vlogs, and trend analyses.


  • Consistent Schedule: Stick to a regular uploading schedule to maintain audience engagement.


Audience Interaction

  • Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community through comments, polls, and live sessions. Respond to audience feedback and encourage discussions.


  • Collaborations: Collaborate with other beauty influencers, brands, or creators to broaden your audience reach.



  • Affiliate Marketing: Integrate affiliate links for beauty products, earning commissions for sales generated through your channel.


  • Sponsored Content: Seek partnerships with beauty brands for sponsored videos or product placements.


  • Merchandise: Launch your own line of beauty products, merchandise, or collaborate with existing brands for exclusive releases.


Brand Building

  • Consistent Branding: Maintain a cohesive brand image across your channel, social media, and any merchandise or products you may offer.


  • Signature Style: Develop a signature style that sets your channel apart, making it recognizable and memorable.


SEO Optimization

  • Keyword Research: Regularly conduct keyword research to optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags for search engine visibility.


  • Thumbnail Optimization: Craft eye-catching thumbnails to increase click-through rates.


Audience Growth

  • Social Media Presence: Leverage other platforms (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to promote your channel and engage with a broader audience.


  • Cross-Promotion: Collaborate with influencers or creators from related niches to tap into new viewer demographics.


Adapt to Trends

  • Stay Updated: Keep abreast of beauty trends, emerging products, and industry changes to ensure your content remains relevant.


  • Incorporate Trends: Integrate trending topics and challenges into your content to capture wider audience interest.


Invest in Quality

  • Equipment Upgrade: Continuously invest in better recording and editing equipment to improve the quality of your videos.


  • Skill Enhancement: Enhance your video editing and presentation skills to deliver polished content.


Metrics Monitoring

  • Analytics Review: Regularly analyze channel analytics to understand viewer demographics, preferences, and engagement metrics.


  • Adaptation: Adjust your content strategy based on analytics insights to cater to your audience’s evolving preferences.

Top of Form



Remember that each channel’s journey is unique, and patience, persistence, and adaptation to your audience’s feedback are crucial for long-term success.


But these questions are a good start, you need to be asking the right questions before you dive into this niche.


How often should I upload videos to my beauty channel?

Consistency is key. Aim for a regular upload schedule that suits your capacity, whether it’s once a week or more. It helps maintain audience engagement.


How can I engage with my audience effectively?

Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and involve your audience in decisions. Consider hosting live sessions, Q&A videos, or responding to fan-submitted questions.


Is it necessary to invest in expensive equipment for beauty videos?

While quality is important, you can start with basic equipment. Upgrade gradually as your channel grows. Good lighting and clear audio are crucial for beauty content.


How do I monetize my beauty channel through affiliate marketing?

Include affiliate links in your video descriptions for products you recommend. You earn a commission for every sale made through those links.


Can collaborations help my channel grow faster?

Yes, collaborations with other beauty influencers or creators can expose your channel to new audiences, fostering growth.


When is the right time to seek sponsorships?

Once your channel has gained a decent following and engagement, you can reach out to beauty brands for potential sponsorships.


How can I diversify my content to keep it interesting?

Explore various beauty-related topics such as challenges, reviews, skincare routines, vlogs, and collaborations to keep your content diverse.


What social media platforms should I use to promote my channel?

Utilize popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to share snippets, behind-the-scenes, and engage with your audience on different fronts.


How long does it take to see substantial growth on a beauty channel?

Growth varies, but consistent effort, quality content, and audience engagement can lead to noticeable growth within a few months to a year.


How can I stand out in a crowded beauty niche on YouTube?

Develop a unique style, focus on what makes you different, and consistently deliver high-quality, relatable content. Engage with your audience authentically.


In conclusion, embarking on a journey to build and grow a beauty YouTube channel requires a mix of passion, dedication, and strategic planning.


As you delve into the world of beauty content creation, remember to stay authentic, engage with your audience, and continuously refine your content based on feedback.


Patience is key, as success in the beauty niche often comes with consistent effort and a genuine connection with your viewers.


Embrace the learning curve, stay adaptable, and most importantly, enjoy the process of sharing your beauty insights with the world.


Whether you’re creating mesmerizing makeup tutorials, honest product reviews, or inspiring lifestyle content, your unique voice has the potential to shine in the vast landscape of beauty on YouTube. As you get the best knowledge about How to start a Beauty Videos Youtube Channel? in less then 30 days.


Happy filming!!!


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