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How to start a cooking channel on YouTube and make Money from it?

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by | Dec 1, 2023

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YouTube is a great space for thousands of chefs, foodies and home chefs who want to share their recipes with the world. Opening a YouTube channel has many advantages, whether you’re going to put all your energy into this platform or whether the cooking channel wants to drive traffic to your cooking blog or culinary-related business. In this blog you are going to learn about How to start a cooking channel on YouTube and make Money from it?

With the right approach, YouTube can help connect with your audience, increase brand awareness, and even generate income.

YouTube’s cooking channel is hugely popular among culinary enthusiasts, culinary novices, other enthusiasts, and online users. It is being viewed to learn about cooking and gain knowledge about different types of dishes and recipes.

YouTube Cooking Channels Marketing and promoting your business is important for earning money. Follow well-planned marketing strategies to make your business profitable and sustainable.

How do I begin a Cooking Channel on YouTube?

It’s very exciting to launch a cooking channel on YouTube. This guide walks you through the process in four simple steps.


For any project, thorough research is the first step towards long-term success. You will not get the maximum benefit even if you rush in blindly and start creating videos without planning. It’s best to investigate and understand what’s effective and what’s not so that I can plan my discoveries as a guide to you.

Checkout the top Cooking Channels on youtue and Copy what they do and their style.

  1. Maangchi
  2. ChefSteps
  3. Tasty
  4. Pro Home Cooks
  5. Food Wishes
  6. Manjula’s Kitchen
  7. Laura in the Kitchen
  8. Cooking with Dog
  9. SORTED Food
  10. You Suck at Cooking
  11. Tastemade
  12. Bon Appétit
  13. How to Cook That
  14. Nyt cooking
  15. Almazan_kitchen


  • Make sure you have a different concept on what to do
  • the environment matters since most channels are outdoor
  • Always stick to what you know
  • Simple cooking is the way to go until your’e established
  • Dont know what to do? Copy the successful ones
  • Always put out one vide oa week t ostay consistent
  • You will need at least 50-60 videos to get traction on youtube
  • Open a website to make sure you register your name(Why? Affiliate Marketing)

Think outside the box with your channel, be exciting and entertaining. Like the channels below;

  • @WildernessCooking
  • @MiguelsCookingwithFire
  • @ElburritoMonster
  • @Andy_Cooks
  • @BakingHermann
  • @ChefCuso
  • @GrillNation
  • @BigEatsWorld
  • @TriggTube
  • @OverTheFireCooking
  • @MaxtheMeatGuy
  • @ChucksFlavorTrain
  • @GreatIndianAsmr
  • @Owen.Han
  • @ColinWingerter3206
  • @OldScoolKevmo
  • @NickDiGiovanniShorts
  • @Naturcenk
  • @SmokinandGrillinwithAB
  • @SmoothieFlip
  • @KaradenizliMaceraci
  • @Emanibrahiim
  • @TommyWinkler
  • @DanOsSeasoning
  • @HowKevEats
  • @DevourPowerTV
  • @BlakeSmunchies
  • @MatthewAugusta
  • @MyHealthyDish
  • @JortsKitchen
  • @MukbangDopamine
  • @DaensKitchen
  • @TriggTube

You should make sure to do the following if you really want to plan ahead with your youtube channel;

  • Create Social media Accounts
  • Create a Shopify/Etsy/Printful shop
  • Create a website for your Channel. See This Link on how to create a Website for a Cooking Channel
  • Design All your accounts with your logo
  • Get a scheduled time to upload videos

You dont want your face on the channel? Start with Youtube shorts. Follow these Steps Below to start;

  • Buy your favorite food from the local Restaurant
  • Film the unwrapping while doing the voice over
  • Talk about the distinct smell and savory food
  • Talk about how the food Tastes like within 30 seconds
  • Show the restaurant, food truck or Food stall where you bought the food
  • Reference the food to your mother’s/Grandmother’s cooking
  • Upload it to youtube
  • Repeat until you have at least 100 shorts over 7-8 months to gain traction

Define your audience

Before doing anything else, it is very important to define the target audience. Who is your video targeting? It’s better to have a small, dedicated audience than a large, unconcerned audience. You can focus on planning and creating relevant and likely-to-hit content by identifying your audience.

To get the audience you want, make sure you constantly post on social media, reply to comments, and always make sure you post high quality photos. if youre open to it, post all the ingredients and instructions on how to make the food.

It is necessary to consider a wide range of demographic information, including age, gender, place of residence, income, dietary restrictions, etc.

This information will help you create an ideal viewer profile and shape all future content. For example, if you’re targeting a full-time educated youth, you’ll want to focus on budget-friendly choices with widely available ingredients.

Research a Niche

Once you’ve decided on your audience, start thinking about niche areas and your Selling Points (USPs) that will make your channel stand out from the competition.

There are so many food bloggers and YouTubers that if it’s too general, it blends into the background. I want to focus on how your channel can differentiate itself from other channels.

You should choose one that reflects your interests and skills. For example, if you are good at making a super realistic cake, then you can make it the focus of your channel.

You may want to pick something more informative, like digging into the science behind the cooking process. Once you’ve found your niche, it’s time to reflect it in every aspect of your channel or brand, including your channel name and the video you’re creating.

Find a recipe

It is more important to search a recipe when you are searching How to start a cooking channel on YouTube and make Money from it? What recipes do you introduce on the cooking channel? To maintain an avid audience, you must regularly post content and build a backlog of recipes before you start.

You may already have several recipes. But if you need more inspiration, you can find many great ideas in cookbooks, cooking blogs, TV shows, Instagram cooking accounts, YouTube cooking channels, and more.

We should aim for originality and avoid plagiarizing everything we find. It is better to arrange the recipes you find and add your arrangements.

Still Lost?

Still not sure what you want to do? just do a faceless local restaurants foods tasting test. You need to amass at least 100-200 shorts over a period of 7-8 months before the channel will get traction, dont forget to share the food on all your social media platforms.

If you still want to go straight to long-form cooking videos, but dont have time i suggest you hire a chef on Fiverr to do the cooking, filming and all you have to do is post the video on youtube.

How to grow your YouTube channel?

By joining the YouTube community, you can connect with hundreds, thousands, and millions of people who like cooking just like you. These people are the engagement and exposure opportunities you need to make your channel successful.

Grow your channel by doing the following;

  • Open social media accounts for your channel
  • Create a website for your channel (See Link)
  • share all the photos, videos, and other photos on your accounts
  • Upload videos every 2-3 days
  • Target long term growth (1-2 years)
  • Make sure to ask your followers which places to try
  • Always speak clearly in the video
  • Give the location of the restaurant youve tried
  • Try Different cuisines from other countries to attract different followers
  • Are you serious about this? Create a website for the channel. click on this
  1. Encourage users to like and subscribe

Include these helpful reminders in your videos to encourage your viewers to take action because YouTube’s algorithms give you a “Like” or high-frequency video, and high engagement rates can also be featured in other users “Featured” feeds and trending pages.

  1. Engaging with Subscribers

Read your audience’s comments and reply to them to get to know them. It will not only let your subscribers feel connected to you but also let them know where your viewers like you. Communication with viewers may provide valuable feedback that cannot be obtained in any other way.

  1. Collaborate with other YouTube creators

Talk to other YouTube hosts to launch joint projects. In most cases, “collaboration” involves creating a single video on each YouTuber channel, exposing visitors to another audience. It allows you to interact with a completely new audience group and learn from fellow creators.

  1. Monitor data

One of the biggest features of YouTube is the enormous amount of analytics provided to its users. Monitoring your own statistical data is critical because it helps you determine what needs to be improved and optimize your content.

There are many statistics to track:

  • Viewing Time: Indicates how attractive the content is.
  • Average Percentage Viewed.
  • Audience Retention: This shows how much loyalty you’re building.
  • The readership rate indicates whether people are actually investing in your recipe.

We can identify improvements and adapt our approach by tracking these statistics over time.

How do you film a Cooking Video?

Once you’ve collected and set up your equipment, use the storyboard to gather the video you need to compose your video. Follow these steps to get started with a YouTube cooking video:

Prepare utensils

Keep your utensils and ingredients in order and move on to the next step.

Take an introduction

Record a small video showing you and the recipes you will teach.

Show what you need

Take a video or still image of what your audience needs to cook along the video.

Record a recipe

First, let’s decide whether to record the preparation as it is or record each step individually. There is little room for error if you record without stopping, but viewers can follow you in real time. Individual recordings take time, but you can re-record and connect only the best video.

Show the final product

Before serving dishes from the oven or refrigerator, let’s record. You can finish the video by taking a video or still image of the dish and the finished dish.

Edit and upload videos

Transfer all your videos to your computer and edit your clips. You can add captions and narrations before uploading to make it look good. It’s easier to follow.

*Did you know you can hire someone on Fiverr to cook the recipe you  want and you just upload the video to youtube? Click here

YouTube Food Channel Types

The best YouTube channels are those that choose a particular topic and master it for your audience. Choosing a niche is one of the most important steps in creating a channel and one of the most important chapters in my YouTube book.

Niche topics, or becoming an authority for one group, will help stand out among other YouTubers.

The food channel ideas include:

  • A video showing how to cook at different levels.
  • The most popular is the culinary channel for beginners.
  • A channel dedicated to a particular dish.

There are several ways of thinking about this. First, you can focus on a specific country’s cuisine, such as Chinese or Italian cuisine. You can also focus on a specific course, such as a great appetizer, a main dish or a dessert.

Equipment Required for the Cooking Channel

Here is the list of equipment necessary for filming the cooking channel


When it comes to YouTube channel gear, this is natural. How do you make a video without a camera? Of course, you can also research the best mobile phone for video recording. It is a feasible option, given the performance of smartphones in recent years. Here are some recommended models.

Perfect for Beginners with Blogs – Sony ZV-1

If you want to create a Vlog or shoot a lot of work with a camera, Sony’s ZV-1 is a great option. It’s very small and light, high-quality and crisp 1080p video, has a solid built-in microphone (and a 3.5mm audio jack if you want to upgrade to an external microphone), and is the best face recognition autofocus. So, this one will make a good decision.

Perfect for Cinematography – Sony A7S III

One of the best mirrorless cameras for filmmakers, this video-centric beast is a great piece of equipment for YouTube if you want to produce high-quality, professional-looking videos. It’s expensive (not to mention extra lenses), but if you want something cinematic and high-end, this camera is enough.

Best Cell Phones – iPhone 13 Pro

It is said that the best camera is what you have at hand, but the smartphone is taking it to a whole new level. The iPhone 13 Pro lets you shoot amazing movies.

In addition, the audio is not half-finished, and I think it is more than acceptable for YouTube equipment. Recently, the iPhone 14 Pro was announced, and I hope the price of the 13 Pro will be lowered.

A little strange thing – Insta360 X3

If you want something completely different for your YouTube channel, why not try Insta360 X3? This all-new 360-action camera is really impressive.

This camera, which allows you to capture yourself in your environment, change the angle and camera frame on the fly, and add an external microphone, is a very realistic option for anyone looking for YouTube video equipment.

It can also be used as a conventional action cam, making it highly versatile and ideal for sports and adventure videos. 


Equipment for YouTube Channel.” Along with the camera, the YouTube channel’s equipment checklist prioritizes good microphones. If you want to succeed on YouTube, you need great audio. So, what’s the best Vlog microphone?

Rode VideoMic Pro+

This shotgun microphone has been a favorite of YouTubers for many years, and there is a reason for it. Boasting excellent professional performance, it’s sturdy, small and compact enough to set up most of your YouTube video equipment, and it doesn’t cost you money. 

Joby Wavo Pro

Joby Wavo Pro is a new face that will be the direct rival of Rode VideoMic Pro+. Casey Neistat recently recommended it on his channel.

Rode Wireless Go II

This microphone differs from the two shotgun options above, but Rode Wireless Go II is great for YouTube. If you’re filming interviews and various creations with your camera and don’t want the wires to get in the way, this wireless love microphone is perfect for clipping to your clothes. Clear and clear sound can be captured wherever you are and in any weather. It also supports the Insta360 X3 setup.


After the YouTube Required Equipment checklist, you will find a tripod. You can shoot everything with your hands, but you will occasionally need a tripod to shoot a hands-free stationary shot. There are many options worldwide, so we have carefully selected some of the best tripods that play various roles.

Jobbie Gorilla Pod 3K

This model was first supported by Casey Naystat (who also has a theme here but is the modern godfather of YouTube). Joby’s Gorillapod is one of the essential accessories for YouTubers, and only after getting it did you realize its need. This versatile, flexible, rigid tripod is perfect for hand-held Vlog or for setting up all kinds of hands-free photography. In addition, the size depends on which camera you choose.

Manfrotto  PIXI Mini

Manfrott’s PIXI mini tripod is not as multifunctional as the Joby Gorillapod, but it is smaller and fits very well with small cameras such as Sony ZV-1 and smartphones. If you’re looking for a small, compact device with many hand-held Vlog shots, it’s a handy small piece of equipment for YouTube videos.


Lighting settings on YouTube are really important. You may need some clarification at first, but knowing what kind of lights you need and the effects of each will make your video look completely different. Knowing what kind of light you need and how it works will greatly change your video.

Key and Shadow Lights

If you’re shooting a talking head video (interview, voice-over to the camera, technical review, etc.), you’ll ideally need a key and shadow light. These are the “main lights”. So, you want to choose a large bright LED panel that can be mounted on a tripod and comes with a light-diffusing softbox or umbrella that can easily change temperature and brightness.

LED light box

There is always something like this in the setup of lights for Vlog. Small LED light boxes like the Aputure MC are perfect because they are small, powerful and lightweight. On models like the Aputure MC, you can also change the colour and colour temperature. It can be attached to a camera to provide additional illumination or placed in the background to add depth and light to the scene.

Ring Light

Ring lights are a must-have item in the beauty industry, such as Vlog shooting and TikTok smartphone shooting. It creates uniform and beautiful light and draws out the eyes of the subject.

Creative Assets

Although not the physical equipment of YouTube, YouTube’s leading video production channel uses a variety of creative assets to produce the best professional videos on this platform.

Sound effects

As mentioned above, sound is just as essential for video as it is for visuals, and using sound effects is the best way to improve audio quality. As with music, SFX must also be licensed. Check out our extensive catalogue of royalty-free SFX on Artlist.

Also, visit the Sound Curation collection to find out what you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

Stock video

Stock videos are a great way to save money and diversify your visuals. After all, many of us don’t have the time or resources to shoot all the shots that are essential to YouTube videos. At Artlist, you can find royalty-free stock footage filmed by the industry’s leading cinematographers with unlimited downloads and licenses that cover all types of videos.


Everyone knows that creating an animation or YouTube intro from scratch is a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. So, get rid of the pain by browsing through thousands of video templates that you can use right now on Artlist. You can take your videos to the next level with millions of available assets.

When your Channel gains popularity , we suggest you create your own merchandise, keep the following in mind:

  • Identify the products that would work for your followers.
  • Design the branded products you wish to include on the items.
  • Research suppliers for the products(USA made/or Not)
  • Order samples to identify which supplier is right for you.
  • Set reasonable prices for the products/Merch.
  • Connect an online store onto your Channel and website.
  • Market your products via your site, email list, social media platforms and on youtube videos
  • Be active on social media for customer service.
  • Perform ongoing reviews and make improvements when necessary.

Products you should consider selling when your Cooking channel blows up;

  • Branded Merchandise like T-shirts, Tote Bags, Mugs, notebooks, Cups, Aprons,Dishcloths
  • Kitchen equipment, like wooden spoons, Cutting Boards, spatulas, Knives, Forks/Spoons, bottle openers, pressure cookers
  • Cookware
  • Spices / Marinades/Mixes/Condiments/Jams
  • Cheat Sheets and Rulers
  • Meal-planning books and Cookbooks


  • Our suggestion is to start with the easy products like branded mercchandise and when your brand grows bigger you can expand to other products. just be ready for anything.
  • Most branded products won’t be a hit with your followers, compared to a book or cooking course will have. These products can be a way for a food blogger to grow their income by serving their Fans with products that they

What’s the Monetization requirements? When do i get my channel Monetized and start making money?

YouTube monetization is the ability to earn income from your youtube videos. If you wanted your channel to qualify for YouTube’s monetization program, you will need to fulfill a few criteria, such as 1,000 subscribers to your channel and 4,000 watch hours over the past 12 months.

YouTube Monetization Requirements

Before you can join the YPP, you need to accomplish a few milestones first. See below for the requirements;

If you want to make money through fan donations like Super Chats, Super Thanks, channel memberships, and more, here are the minimum requirements to join the YPP:

  • 500 subscribers
  • Three public uploads in the last 90 days
  • 3,000 public watch hours in the previous 12 months or 3 million public YouTube Shorts views in the last 90 days.
  • You can expect to make up to $4-$6 per 1,000 views depending on your location.


Your earnings may be higher/lower than the figures above, depending on a various factors. These could include:

  • Your location
  • The location of your audience (generally ad revenue from US watchers is higher than it is from an audience in other countries)
  • *he length of your video
  • The type of content you are posting ab

The Numbers below are for estimates on how much you will earn per number of views;

  • 100k Views — $100 to $500
  • 200k Views — $200 to $1,000
  • 500k Views — $1,000 to $2,000

1m Views — $2,000 and $6,000


All these earnings are based on location, youtube niche, watch hours and how long youve been working on your channel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can you earn on culinary channels?

Revenue from your YouTube culinary channel varies greatly depending on factors such as the number of plays, engagement, and monetization methods. Some channels earn a small income, while others earn a significant income. You can increase your income over time by providing dedicated, high-quality content.

Can I create a cooking channel with basic equipment?

Yes, you can create a cooking channel with basic gear. Higher-quality equipment improves video production, but many successful channels start with minimal equipment.

Focus on the quality of your content and gradually invest in good equipment as your channel grows.

How do i attract followers and subscribers to my channel?

After combing through 100’s of cooking chanels, all you need to do is focus on uploading quality videos consistently.

The most successful Cooking channels have less than 300 videos with more than 500k to 1m Subscribers and they have uploaded videos over a period of 1-3 years.

The channels with millions of viewers have wayy more videos and shorts, playlists, podcasts, Community articles and promote their cooking channel on other platforms like instagram, pinterest, twitter and facebook.

What are the best practices for promoting your video?

Promote your videos through social media, relevant forums, and collaborations with other YouTubers.

Engage with your audience through comments, congregation posts, and requests for feedback. Constantly uploading new content also leads to the promotion of the channel.

The best platforms to promote your channel is pinterest, instagram, facebook and twitter. always constantly upload photos, videos, recipes for your followers.

How do I protect my content from copyright issues?

Respect copyright law and the principle of fair use. Always provide the source, ask for permission to use copyrighted material if necessary, and avoid using content that is not yours without the appropriate permission.

Is it mandatory to reply to all viewers’ comments?

While it is ideal to reply to all comments, it is not always feasible as the channel grows.

However, engaging with your audience by responding to curated comments and building community awareness positively impacts channel growth and audience loyalty.

Do i need a website for my Cooking Channel?

Well, What’s the long term plan for your channel? Do you believe you have the resources to grow it to be a big channel?

if yes then you need a website to share your recipes, earn ad money, affiliate marketing and also if you have the resources create branded merchandise to your fans.

Some easy branded merchandise include; Dirtcloths, tshirts, towels, cups, aprons, notebooks, mugs.

Click on this Link on how to create a Cooking Recipe Website


In conclusion, if you’re considering starting a cooking channel on YouTube, you’re embarking on a delightful culinary adventure. It’s a platform where your passion for food, creativity in the kitchen, and love for sharing can come together to reach a global audience. We have learnt How to start a cooking channel on YouTube and make Money from it? If you need any questions you can ask me in comments.

Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the essential steps to kickstart your channel, from defining your niche and acquiring quality equipment to mastering the art of video production and fostering an engaged community.

By consistently creating delicious and engaging content, you can fulfil your culinary aspirations and pave the way for potential monetization. YouTube offers various opportunities to earn through ad revenue, sponsorships, merchandise, and even online cooking classes or cookbooks.

As you build your channel and your audience, the potential for financial returns in the long run becomes increasingly promising.

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