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How to start a YouTube Channel for Lifestyle and Fashion to earn Money?

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by | Dec 1, 2023

Today, everyone wants to have the most talked about look at the party. Everyone wants to have a “look” that makes them decide! That’s where fashion you Tubers come in.

Fashion YouTubers have now become YouTubers that are both accepted by themselves and others. And if you are here, you probably want to be one of them! So today, we bring you the best tips and channels to help you If you want to succeed in this age of social media and intense competition, you need to be different, offer something new, dont fake it, always stand by what you show in your videos and be creative in your videos.

Let’s Introduce you to the Best Fashion YouTube Channels that Grow Fast.

Best Fashion YouTube Channel to Follow

  • Tess Christine
  • Bestdressed
  • Jenn Im
  • Vogue
  • Teaching Men’s Fashion
  • Coolirpa
  • Patricia Bright
  • Samantha Maria
  • Shea Whitney
  • Sarah Rae Vargas

For years, many fashion bloggers appeared and disappeared. But some were able to garner a following in this age of social media. These creators are worth looking upto and copying if you need to succeed if you create  youtube channel.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fashion YouTubers.

Tess Christine

Tess Christine joined the YouTube beauty community in April 2008. Since then, she has uploaded tips and tricks on fashion, hair, and makeup, along side with videos on her own clothing lines and clothing hauls. She also blogs about travel and her daily life.

The number of YouTube channel uploads is over 220, the number of subscribers is 2.32 million, and the total number of views so far exceeds 105 million.

As of the beginning of 2023, the number of subscribers is expected to reach about 2.39 million, and the number of views is expected to reach more than 112 million.

Jenn Im

Jenn Im is a Korean-American living in Los Angeles. Her videos mostly consist of style tips and tricks, thoughts, tutorials, lifestyle advice, and a blog about everyday life.

It opened its channel in March 2010 and currently has more than 830 videos, 3.16 million subscribers, and more than 354 million views. The number of subscribers to the channel is expected to exceed 3.3 million and 388 million views by 2023.


Bestdressed is a 20s New York-based channel focused on fashion, tips and tricks, thrift, shopping, decoration, and sewing. The channel was created on September 2015, the channel is expected to grow to 3.83 million followers and 319 million views in 2023.

The YouTube channel has 3.8 million subscribers, has more than 200 videos uploaded, and has more than 302 million views.


TheLineUp is a YouTube channel created on November 2013. It has more than 450 videos, 544k subscribers, and 49 million views. The channel, run by Swedish-born Julia Dang, features accessories, clothes, travel blogs, moving blogs, fashion tips on layering, nails, coordinating, and videos summarizing her outfit.

It’s estimated that the number of subscribers will reach more than 549,000 and more than 51 million views in 2023.

The channel, run by Swedish-born Julia Dang, features accessories, clothes, travel blogs, moving blogs, fashion tips on layering, nails, coordinating, and videos summarizing her outfit.

Tasha Green

Tasha Green is a British fashion YouTuber. The number of uploads is about 130, the number of subscribers is 148k, and the total number of plays is more than 3.6 million.

Launched on December 2011, the channel is expected to register 150,000 subscribers and have more than 3.7 million views in 2023.

The channel focuses on daily blogs, moving videos, fashion tips, styling ideas, hair and makeup, nail tutorials, and clothes recommendations for different scenes.

How to Start a YouTube Fashion Channel?

Defining a Niche

Finding, defining, and identifying niches is the first thing to do. The fashion industry is a busy field of competition, so it’s important to know exactly who you want to reach and what they value with your videos.

You need to clarify your interests and professions. Let’s think about the field of fashion in which you are For example, do you like to share clothes styling and product reviews of your fashion design? You can also focus on making tutorials and reviews for cheap clothes from used clothing stores and discount stores like H&M and ZARA.

This type of video might be more appealing than videos that only feature high-end designers (and have fewer viewers).

If none of these options sounds personally attractive, but there are other areas of interest that people might be interested in seeing someone else’s tutorials (makeup, etc.), consider expanding into those areas instead.


Channel Launch

Opening a YouTube channel is the first step in making it appealing to more viewers on YouTube.

Here are the steps you need to take to open a Successful channel:

  • Sign up for a Google account: You require a Google account to complete a YouTube channel. If you don’t already have one, you can create a new account from the Google sign-up page.
  • Creating a Channel: Once you have a Google account, you can complete a YouTube channel by taping on the profile icon in the upper right intersection of the screen, selecting “Create Channel” from the drop-down menu, and following the instructions on the screen.
  • Customize Your Channel: Once you’ve created your channel, you can customize it by adding your profile picture, channel art, and other brand details. Don’t know how to create all that? Let Fiverr help you with the Designs
  • Creating a Brand Identity: It is critical to establishing your channel’s own identity and standing out from the competition. Your brand identity must reflect your niche, values, and personality.This includes channel names, logos, colors, fonts, voice tones, social media accounts and more. Having a clear and consistent brand identity across all video and social media channels is essential to creating a brand image that is easily recognizable and memorable for viewers. If you’re not sure about what to do, copy the successful channels and put your creativity on it.
  • Visually Appealing Thumbnails: Channel art is important to attract viewers and make a strong first impression. Thumbnails should be eye-catching and relevant to the content of the video, as they are the first thing viewers see when searching for the video.Channel art is a banner at the top of your channel that expresses your brand identity and tells you what your channel is.
  • Social Media Accounts: Open Accounts on all the top social media platforms; Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, WeChat and more. This will allow you to register your channel name across all social media platforms and make it easy for you to communicate with your followers.
  • Create a Website: How serious are you with your Youtube Channel? Are you doing it for fun, replace your 9 to 5 or is it going to grow into a real business? If it’s the latter then you need to create a website for your channel asap. Why? because a website will help to promote and scale your work especially on google search. A well designed website will help you to earn more through affiliate marketing, ads, sponsors and fashion courses. See how to create a Fashion blog website.

Best jobs for digital nomads to earny money anywhere

Create Content

Success on YouTube depends greatly on the quality of the content you upload. You can’t just publish a video blindly and expect it to be viral. You have to spend time and effort creating engaging content that people want to see. See how to Hire a Content Creator.

Here are some of the tips you need to create engaging content:

  • Edit the video closely: Editing is an important aspect of video production and determines the quality of content. With close editing, you can remove unwanted parts of your video, improve the flow, add transitions and effects, and make your video more visually appealing. Let’s use a video editor to edit audio and video separately.
  • Create high-quality content: Creating quality content is key to attracting and maintaining your audience. The content must be informative, interesting, and visually appealing. In addition, it must be original and provide value to the viewer.
  • Video research and planning: Research and planning are essential to creating compelling videos. You should thoroughly research topics and plan for engaging and informative content. Looking at popular youtube channels in your category would be a good idea so that you can learn how they did it.
  • Provide a hint for attractive content: To create engaging content, you should focus on storytelling, including adding humor, using visuals and animations, and interacting with your viewers.
  • Add music: Be sure to add music to make your video more engaging and impactful. After all, music can give viewers a kind of feeling – nostalgia, happiness, motivation.
  • Convert a video: Choosing the right format and resolution will improve video quality and make it easier to share and distribute with the help of a video converter.With these simple tips, you can create engaging and impressive videos that attract the attention of your audience and grow your channel.
  • Be Creative: Any kind of videos can be successful on Youtube, it comes down to what kind of creative person you are, how you create your videos and the creativity you put into each video. If you know youre a creative person then success on youtube is guranteed.

Increase Audience

The most important thing is to promote your channel. If you can get more people to see it, it’s nothing better. Also, create an email list for all subscribers so they can stay in touch directly with new videos and updates on other content they might be interested in.

It’s just as important to interact with your viewers by responding directly in the comments section or by commenting on other videos related to your video (whether it’s other creators’ videos or brand videos).

By interacting regularly with your fans and followers, you can build trust from potential viewers who may not know what you’re doing but who may see you someday if many people recommend you!

Social media should be a go to method on increasing both your audience and subscribers. make sure you post on all platforms every time you drop a video. Dont forget to be consistent and upload videos on a scheduled time, this will help your followers to know when the next video will be uploaded. Using pinterest pins will also further help to promote your channel to a wider audience hence getting more subscribers.

Fashion Ideas you Need to Grow your Youtube Channel

Fashion and beauty-related content is the most popular content category on YouTube. So, if you want to map your fashion brand, it goes without saying that you have to harness the power of YouTube.

What’s more, if your videos work, they’ll also appear in relevant Google searches, making your brand even more known.

But to grow on YouTube, you need a content strategy, and to see great results, you need to constantly post on YouTube. For you, here are cool fashion video ideas that you can use to keep content endless.

  1. Create a Look Book

In the past, lookbooks were used to show brands’ collections and show customers how to dress. But since video became the norm, the lookbooks have been meant to help people put together different attire choices as they’re looking for inspiration to style their own attire.

So, creating a lookbook video on your channel is one of the foremost fashion video ideas to try if you want to grow your channel.

For inspiration, check out Ashley’s lookbook video, known as the popular YouTuber Best Dressed. She is friendly, drawing out a lot of her personality in the video and talking about her favorite fashion and current fashion trends while styling the outfit.

This not only provides viewers with a fresh summer look but also creates a close relationship with them and leads to more fans and followers.

  1. Share a Take-Out video

The Take-Out Video of Clothes is a video that records showing and talking about clothes that you have recently purchased. It’s a great way to highlight recent trends and persuade you to buy them.

If you’re crazy about affiliate marketing, you should take a take-home video of your clothes highlighting the strengths of all the items you’ve purchased. Even posting these videos on your website with links where followers can but them will help you earn a commission.

Check out Charlotte’s Mango vs. Zara takeaway videos to better understand the clothes takeaway video. She compares the various clothes on both labels and styles them to let viewers know which one is preferred.

People care to reach prices, materials, comfort, and looks of different brands, so Charlotte’s videos will be helpful to those looking for the latest look shopping.

To create a take-home video of clothes like Charlotte, you can compare brands, show all the items you’ve purchased, and use them to style your clothes so viewers know what that item looks like and what clothes you can style.

Best Cameras to use to Record the Best Videos

  1. List common styling mistakes

People make a lot of ingenuity in their clothes, but sometimes, they make basic styling mistakes and prevent completing a trendy look. Therefore, videos that showcase common styling failures tend to get a lot of play and engagement.

She talks about the most common fashion mistakes people will likely make and how to avoid them. She also combines different clothes to explain the points in an easy-to-understand manner.

With this deep explanation, viewers see her as the best person to advise fashion, and more viewers become involved in her content. You’ll also add narration and stock music to your video and then add a CTA to your channel registration.

  1. Share styling tips

People are always looking for new tips to make a trendy dress and establish a nice personal style that is pleasant to them. So, post styling tips to help people significantly improve their style to attract attention and increase their followers.

To get some tips on how to make a video, check out the Bethany videos. In this video, she gives concrete styling tips for those who do not have enough time to prepare and shows how to dress elegantly, which anyone can do with the most basic clothes at home.

The tips are practical and help people look elegant and stylish, so people are also more likely to check her course to develop a more valuable personal style.

Before creating a video of styling tips, study the types of styling tips that are relevant to the viewer. If your audience is a woman who goes to the office, they’re asking for the styling of the office clothes, not the college clothes. So, you must communicate leads accordingly.

Once you’ve accomplished that, utilize this styling tips and recycling template to add your tips. Change the music, add the stock image and narration, and you’re done with the video.

  1. Create How-to videos

These videos can be about wadrobe design, how to clean dirty clothes, how to clean your shoes, how to walk in heels, how to keep yourself clean while on your period.

when it comes to How-to videos anything can go viral so long as you know what youre talking about. just be precise and creative so that you garner more followers.

Many people want to create their own style but don’t know what to start with and don’t know how to combine various accessories and clothes. So, there are many searches about how to dress better, how to make a personal style, etc.

By using these search keywords to regularly series “How-To” videos on your channel, you can enhance your SEO, increase your viewing time, and increase engagement. For example, in this series of Alexandra, women are taught how to establish their own style, choose a wardrobe, and make themselves groomed with things at home.

Here’s a video from her series “How to Dress Better.” It has been played more than 5 million times because it offers simple and effective steps that can be taken to engage in exercises that keep viewers from getting bored and help women develop a comfortable style.

To make a “How-To” series like Alexandra, it’s about understanding why your target audience is struggling to build their own style and stay the best. This research will help you to engage and stand out from your followers on your channel beyond general clothing tips.

  1. Recreating Celebrity Fashion

If theres a celebrity whose outfit has gone viral, recreating it through videos, photoshoots, and your own home runway would be a good idea. This would be the best idea to showcase your skills with low budgets outfits.

Imitating celebrity fashion is a great way to be sensitive to trends, but these dressing styles are often very expensive. So, recreating celebrity dress styles with easy-to-buy clothing is one of the most popular and best fashion video ideas. you can buy cheap clothes that look exactly like the expensive ones bought by the celebrities, then you can create videos showcasing how to style, match the outfits for any event.

Check out this video from Ishita, who has recreated Kendall Jenner’s thousands-dollar outfit for a fraction of the cost and won a lot of views and viewership. She also cracks down the cost of all the clothes and accessories she utilized to play the outfit and links to all of them in the description so viewers can easily purchase them.

You can add this to your website because with a lot of fans following their celebrities, this will attract people to see how you styled yourself looking like their favorite celebrities hence getting you more subscribers and affiliate money if they choose to purchase the clothes through your website.

  1. Post a DIY upcycling old outfits

Are you in a bind or dont have money for new clothes? this would be a great one for you. recycling old costumes, mix and match different styles until you get one that looks good on you. These kind of videos are great for people who dont have the money to constantly buy new fashion trends.

Reusing old costumes for more trendy pieces has recently become a popular video idea because it helps create unique pieces while promoting sustainability. If you’re good at sewing machines, post DIY upcycling your old costumes to boost your channel ranking.

Here’s a video from Fashion Wizardry showing how to make a fluffy top from an old men’s shirt. This video covers everything from scratch and also includes dimensions for cutting and the type of stitching to use.

It also has a lot of humor, and the puns during the switch will not bore the audience and at the same time teach valuable things.

  1. Take your followers Thrift Shopping

If you get time over the weekend, take your followers thrift shopping to show them how they can buy good used clothes, and repurpose them into something different. Clothes shouldnt be new, you can get used clothes from a thrift store that will enhance your look.

  1. List out common styling mistakes

This is especially good for people who are trying out a new trend or style. creating videos on how to mix and match two colors or style would be great for your followers.

Creating videos showing your followers on the most common styling mistakes is a great idea, this will help them to have a good to person for fashion advice.

  1. Share a clothing haul video

Whats a Clothing haul? This where someone records themselves showing and talking about their recent purchased outfits.

This is a good and informative way of highlighting recent trends and outfits so that people can easily decide to buy the same clothes. This is good for people who are into Affiliate marketing. See how to start a Fashion blog (Link to Article).

These overhauls can be between two different fashion brands that your followers are familiar with. You can compare different pieces of clothing from both the labels and give the followers different styles on how to wear them.

  1. Recreate Movie and shows outfits

Are you into movies and shows? you can recreate fashion in movie scenes, this can be done through skits, Parodies, and plays. if you want to take it far, recreate the whole movie scene if you have the money and friends to do so.

  1. Recreate fashion shows Outfits

If you have friends who can help, then recreating the whol fashion show with the best outfits would be a good idea for your followers. This is a good way of showing your organizational skills, fashion styling skills plus advising your followers on what to lookout for.

Tips for a Successful YouTube Channel as a Beginner

Now that your YouTube account has been opened, let’s lay the groundwork for creating a successful channel. Beginners need to understand these steps.

Knowing how to make YouTube videos is an important first step. Gather the perfect tools, practice using them, and create sophisticated content.

Find the best video equipment

With crisp audio and clear visuals for all your videos, you can make a difference with many other YouTubers. We believe that purchasing the right equipment from the start is the first step to a successful YouTube career.

When planning to invest in equipment, “Is it profitable to start a YouTube channel? You may be wondering, “What are you doing?” As long as you create strategic conclusions and work hard to complete great content, you’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities to generate profit.

What is the best audio and video equipment to start your YouTube channel?

While using a smartphone is certainly a good way to get started with YouTube, investing in the right equipment is a good way to get your audience to enjoy your content. Most YouTubers use essential accessories for video shooting, including digital SLR and mirrorless cameras, tripods, lenses, and studio lighting. For those who usually write Vlogs on the go, mirrorless, and action cameras, good monopods, and hand-held gimbal stabilizers are typical equipment.

  • But remember that a good Vlog camera is not everything. If you neglect other things like sound quality or lighting, your audience may lose interest in your video in the first few seconds and not subscribe at all.
  • Invest in a good microphone that can be attached to your camera. At the same time, pay attention to the recording conditions and ensure the audio is clear enough for the viewer to understand.
  • For best results, a shotgun microphone designed primarily to pick up sound from the front can be used to counteract noise from the side or back of the microphone. For video that needs to be taken far from the camera, such as a fitness video, you might need a lobelia microphone (a small microphone that can be fixed to the shirt) or a good condenser microphone (or a microphone that is often used in podcasting) that allows clear voiceovers.

Best Cameras for Youtubers

Sony ZV-1

It is one of the best cameras to shoot a YouTube Vlog in selfie mode. There is a light on the front that lights up during recording, so you can see exactly when the camera is shooting without looking at the screen. The camera also supports a variety of control grips.

It can record at 4K resolution and has an automatic filter that streamlines creative processes. More than anything, there is a “product showcase setting” in which the focus is automatically switched from the face to the product when you hold the product in front of the camera. This means that the focus is not disturbed, and it’s great to review the product up close.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

It can be connected directly to YouTube, making it one of the best cameras for YouTube live streaming. It takes a little set-up for the first time, but it’s worth it because it’s easy to set up live streaming afterward.

It is also great for short YouTube blogs that require a vertical layout, as it can record high-quality video and supports vertical video recording.

Action camera for GoPro Hero 10 Youtube

GoPro is known as the super compact camera that is perfect for Vlog photography. This is the same for the GoPro Hero 10, which allows live streaming directly from the camera at up to 1080p HD.

It is especially recommended for adventure YouTubers because it is waterproof up to 33 feet. The camera has a low-light feature and cloud storage connectivity, so all recordings are backed up to a safe location.

DJI Pocket 2 YouTube camera

Another packed camera for YouTube is the DJI Pocket 2. This camera is a little larger than the GoPro Hero 10, but it has interesting features. With DJI Pocket 2’s Active Track feature, you can place the camera down and change the camera’s angle or swivel to suit your movement.

You can also try the story mode function that provides templates and music that enhance creativity during Vlog photography. Overall, as a pocket camera, DJI Pocket 2 offers a lot.

Insta360 One X2 YouTube Camera

Insta360 One X2 is also a waterproof camera for action YouTube bloggers. It can be operated by voice control and is also a 360-degree camera.

In other words, you don’t just shoot what is in front of you. The camera can take all 360 degrees of the surroundings at once.

In addition, if the camera is connected to the invisible selfie stick of the Insta360, it is possible to take a picture like a drone without actually utilizing it. This is a fantastic pocket camera, especially for YouTubers who are active on the go.

Fujifilm X-S10

Fujifilm X-S10 is also a good camera for YouTube creators. With a variety of filter functions, including film simulation mode, tone, grain, and color chrome effects.

It’s perfect for YouTubers who want to easily create a consistent aesthetic across their videos. In addition, setting presets customized for recording can be saved and created by oneself.

Start with Simple Editing Software

Creating a video doesn’t mean that you need an advanced video editor (such as Final Cut Pro) to edit your content. Especially in the first weeks, you will often have a hard time.

If you’re not familiar with video editing, it’s much better to use simple software like Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie. The “best” YouTube video editing tool can vary depending on your specific needs, experience level, and budget.

Final Cut Pro X

A famous choice among Mac users, Final Cut Pro X is known for its powerful features and user-friendly interface. Buy Final Cut Pro X

DaVinci Resolve

Unrestricted video software with professional-grade features, making it a great option for those on a budget. It also has advanced color correction and grading capabilities. Buy DaVinci Resolve


A simple and user-friendly video editing tool for Mac users. It’s great for basic video editing and ideal for beginners. Buy iMovie

HitFilm Express

A free video editing and graphical outcomes software that’s suitable for both beginners and more advanced users. It offers a wide range of features. Buy HitFilm Express

Filmora (formerly Wondershare Filmora)

A user-friendly video editing software that’s great for beginners and offers a variety of creative options and effects. Buy Filmora

Sony Vegas Pro

A strong video editing software often chosen by professional video editors and content creators. Buy Sony Vegas Pro


A popular mobile video editing app for both Android and iOS devices. It’s a great choice for on-the-go editing. Buy KineMaster


A professional-grade video editing software with a free version available. It’s known for its professional features and advanced editing capabilities. Buy Lightworks


An open-source, cross-platform video editor that is free to use. It’s suitable for users who want more control over their editing process. Buy Shortcut

The choice of the best video editing tool depends on your specific needs, your level of expertise, and your budget. If you’re a beginner, start with a more user-friendly option like iMovie or Filmora.

As you gain more experience and require more advanced features, consider transitioning to tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. Remember that the best tool for you is the one that best suits your video editing requirements.

How much time does it take to grow a Fashion YouTube Channel?

The time it takes to grow a fashion YouTube channel can vary significantly based on several factors. There is no specified timeline for attaining success on YouTube.

The growth and develpment of your channel depends on your content, consistency, marketing efforts, scheduled video output and audience engagement.

Try to put out videos every 2-3 days consistently over a 2-3 yr period, with consistence, plus good creative quality videos, its guaranteed your channel will grow.

Here are some key aspects that can impact the growth of your fashion YouTube channel;

Quality Content

The most crucial factor is the quality of your content. Make sure your videos are well-produced, engaging, and provide value to your target audience. Quality content has more potential to entice and retain viewers.


Consistently uploading new content is important. This helps to build a library of videos that can attract subscribers over time. Try to establish a regular upload schedule that your viewers can rely on.

Niche and Target Audience

Define your niche within the fashion world and target a specific audience. Understand who your ideal viewers are and produce content that caters to their

stakes and needs.


Collaborating with other YouTubers or influencers in the fashion industry can expose your channel to a broader audience.


Promote your videos on other social media platforms, your website, or through email newsletters. Share your content where your potential audience is active.

Our advice is to your pinterest for around 3-4 months promoting your videos through pins. Dont know how to create pins? Checkout Fiverr Pinterent Pins creators. Leave it for someone else to help you promote your channel.


Building a successful YouTube channel takes time. It’s common for channels to grow slowly in the beginning. Be patient and persistent.


Create a recognizable brand for your channel, including a logo, banner, and consistent style. A strong brand can help viewers remember and identify your channel. make sure to stay consistent with the brand because in the long run this will branchout to brand merchandise which will be very lucrative if you do it right.


Use YouTube Analytics to understand what works and what doesn’t. This data can assist you in purifying your content strategy.

The time it takes to see significant growth can vary from a few months to several years. Some channels might experience rapid growth, while others may grow more slowly.

It’s essential to focus on creating content that you’re passionate about and that resonates with your audience. Over time, as you build your content library and gain subscribers, your channel can experience significant growth. Remember that success on YouTube is not guaranteed, and it’s a competitive platform. The most important thing is to enjoy the process and stay committed to producing quality content you’re proud of.

Best Ways to Grow your youtube Channel Successfully


In conclusion, growing a fashion YouTube channel is a dynamic and rewarding journey that involves a combination of factors, including content quality, consistency, niche definition, audience engagement, SEO, collaboration, and promotion.

While there is no set timeline for success, it’s crucial to remain patient, persistent, and adaptable. The YouTube platform offers great potential for fashion enthusiasts and creators to connect with a global audience, share their passion, and build a thriving community.

By focusing on these critical elements and staying true to your unique style and vision, you can improve your chances of growing a successful fashion YouTube channel over time.