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Top cheap Flight Booking sites to save money in 2023

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by | Sep 26, 2023

Travel can be expensive if you’re not careful, especially regarding ticket prices. If you want to make your next trip more affordable, you might be looking for a way to get a cheap ticket. Not all flights are high. It may be a little overwhelming to search for flights. Many factors include date, time, fare, fare class, airline, etc. If you know exactly when and which flight you want to take, where do you look to find the absolute lowest price? Here we came up with Top cheap Flight Booking sites which add value for you.

Unfortunately, there is always no cheapest website. Most of the popular OTAs (online travel agencies) are usually at the same price, but not all offer the same perks or search features.

We looked at many popular OTAs to compare prices and show the advantages and disadvantages of each site. Cheap air tickets are available in the world and can be found. We surveyed you. Find the best website to find and book cheap flights.

Skyscanner Comprehensive Best Flight Booking Site

Skyscanner searches for 1,200 airlines and travel agencies and always returns great results, even on tricky routes. Switching airlines at the airport may be necessary, but if you want to save money, it is worth it. You can narrow the “fastest” route from the search results if not. It is at the number one in our list of Top cheap Flight Booking sites.

Search results also show ratings from online travel agencies and airlines, making it easier to make decisions (for example, Condor vs. Expedia has the highest rating).

If you don’t know where you want to go but know when you want to go, you can search literally by “Everywhere” to find the cheapest destination within a certain time frame.


  • Wide search coverage.
  • Price comparison.
  • Flexible date and destination options.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Potential inaccuracies in flight info.
  • Limited customer support.
  • Third-party booking experiences vary.
  • Additional fees not always shown upfront.

Flight Network

FlightNetwork, a Canadian online travel company (with its currency conversion), was in the top 10 for the first time, but the results were everywhere. The discount fare between Miami, Rio, Philly, and Rome was the lowest, but the Los Angeles-Tokyo section was a small deal. FlightNetwork was also the only site that could not find direct flights to Japan, even though it was announced six weeks ago. New York – Paris 6 weeks ago While the APEX fare was the best of the times, the last price of the line was the worst. The performance is unreliable.

The filters are also poor. Not only do they not show baggage charges, but they cannot include them in the fare. You can add luggage at check-in or at the airport.

Finally, many reported that they encountered problems with customer service, especially flight cancelations and itinerary changes. The company is said to be taking a long time to respond and reimburse, and online complaints have emerged about the company’s having to pay a fee for canceled flights.

Many other aggregators aggregate FlightNetwork as part of their search results, but given customer reports, using FlightNetwork might be the best choice for itineraries that are expected to be unnecessary to change.


  • Comprehensive flight search from various sources.
  • Flexibility in searching for dates and destinations.
  • Price alerts for tracking fare changes.
  • Generally user-friendly interface.
  • Mobile app for on-the-go booking.


  • Redirects to external booking sites.
  • Potential discrepancies between displayed and final prices.
  • Limited direct customer support.
  • Overwhelming number of options.
  • Possible data accuracy issues.


Kayak is one of the best websites for cheap information, including air tickets, hotels, and car rentals. The platform has several tools to help with that, including pricing tracking and booking advice.

Many filters on the left side of the search screen will help you narrow your search based on your needs. For flights, it includes various items, including specific airlines, number of connections, baggage, and even airline alliances. For hotels, you can narrow your search results by amenities, hotel chain, review score, etc.

When you search for flights in Kayak, a separate tab opens by default with the hotel options for your destination, making it easier to search for everything at once. Travelers seeking convenience can also search for a package plan that combines the entire purchase into one. Read Kayak’s review to learn more about this multifunctional site’s features, tips, and tricks.


  • Extensive search across airlines and travel sites.
  • Flexible date and destination options.
  • Price alerts keep you updated on fare changes.
  • User reviews and ratings for informed decisions.
  • The “Explore” tool suggests destinations within budget.


  • Bookings often lead to third-party sites.

Momondo: The best site to find cheap flights

I always wonder whether Momondo or Skyscanner is the best option for a cheap flight. Both frequently return the same cheap ticket results, but Momondo also tracks flights well. It is a great feature if you’re a ticket geek like me.

There are many great filters you can use to search for flights on Momondo, and you can choose from your preferred airline or airline alliance, flight time, and even transit time. For example, search results for routes from New York to Dubai will show you a wide range of prices depending on which route is best for you.

I also like the fact that you can filter red-eye if you want, and you can search for hotels, vacation packages, activities, and rental cars. It looks like a one-stop shop.

The graphical flight tracker at the top of the search results is my favorite Momondo feature. Since the route easily shows you the specific days that are the cheapest, you can save hundreds of dollars by changing the arrival and departure dates by one or two days. If you are flexible with your travel schedule, this part can save you a lot of money.


  • Comprehensive search with various flight options.
  • Flexible travel date and destination exploration.
  • The price calendar helps identify cheaper days to fly.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offers a variety of travel deals and options.


  • Bookings are often redirected to third-party websites.
  • Prices may vary or change during booking.
  • Customer service might vary based on the booking site.
  • Some deals could have hidden fees or restrictions.


Another convenient website for cheap flights and hotels is Kiwi, which is a great alternative to the famous travel site. The difference is that Kiwi is an online travel agency, and fares other than the company are not displayed.

The thing travelers like about Kiwi is that it’s easy to see the cheapest flights. After you enter your departure and arrival points, the date calendar displays the lowest fare for each day of the month. After you select a date, you can also see that day’s or week’s price trend in a graph, so if you are flexible, you can easily get a cheap fare.

Kiwi can also “fix” the fare for several days, immediately pay a small down payment, and the rest pay later.

However, there is a disadvantage that you do not book directly with an airline or hotel, so please check carefully before using it. Kiwi is partnering with for hotel searches and does not provide search results.


  • Comprehensive flight search from multiple sources.
  • Presents unique and unconventional flight routes.
  • Interactive map for visualizing flight options.
  • Offers fare alerts to track price fluctuations.
  • Multi-city search feature for complex itineraries.


  • Redirects to external websites for booking.
  • Limited direct customer support from Kiwi itself.
  • Potential discrepancies between displayed and final prices.
  • Some unconventional routes may have longer layovers.
  • The booking process can be more complex due to multiple sources.

Google Flights

Google Flights is the most intuitive, understandable, and convenient online flight search tool. Its many features and functionality help identify the best flight prices and options for specific flight times and flexible itineraries.

It is also possible to search based on the time zone optimal for the flight reservation recommended by the TPG.

When searching Google Flights, use the map search function. It will be a great hint showing the cheapest fares to various destinations. You can also tap on the date grid to notice the full month flight price at one time and click on the price graph to see the overall trend of the target itinerary price.

Another useful feature is the price tracker embedded by Google. The tracker will appear on the search results page, allowing you to track the overall price of the route you are searching for. When monitoring costs, you can log in to your Google account and receive notifications of price changes, new offers, and expiration dates for your saved itinerary. It allows you to receive a notice of price change directly in your inbox, eliminating the need to manually search many times a day in anticipation of price reduction. Note that this tool includes almost all airlines but does not display ticket prices for some airlines like Southwest Airlines.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive search across airlines and booking platforms.
  • Flexible date and destination exploration.
  • Price tracking and alerts for fare changes.
  • The “Explore” feature suggests destinations based on preferences.


  • Redirects to external booking sites for reservations.
  • Limited ability for complex multi-city itineraries.
  • Some deals might be available on something other than third-party sites.

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Scotts Cheap Flights: Best Ticket Site

If you’re the type of person who goes anywhere when you find a good deal, try Scott’s Cheap Flights. (Note: Scott’s Cheap Flights currently only offers discounts from US airports.)

Scott’s Cheap Flights is an e-mail subscription service that gathers information about international flights and domestic deals. Most of the deals are about 40-90% off the average fare. These are not the result of computer automation: Scott’s Cheap Flights has staff looking around the web daily.

When registering for the Scott’s Cheap Flights service, you have two options: free and paid. “Freemium” Subscriptions can be reported to receive free emails about cheap flights but are limited to cheap international economy flights from five departure airports (your preferred airport).

However, if you register as a Premium or Elite member, you will receive the same flight information 30 minutes earlier than a Free member. If you become a Premium member, you can also receive the price of a domestic flight, an error fare (which happens when an airline or OTA accidentally posts a flight that is cheaper than the actual fare), or a discount on a premium seat by email. Also, this information is more than just a cheap airline’s ridiculous route; it is researched by real staff for Scott’s Cheap Flights, and they only send out the best flight information they can send to their friends.


  • Specializes in finding flight deals and discounts.
  • Potential for significant cost savings on airfare.
  • Personalized deal alerts based on user preferences.
  • Premium membership offers exclusive features and offers.
  • The community aspect allows the sharing of flight deals and experiences.


  • Subscription fee for full access to features.
  • It is not a direct booking platform; it redirects to airline sites.
  • Availability of deals can vary based on user location.
  • The free version might have limited features.
  • Exchanges are subject to change and availability.


First appearing in 2013, the up-and-coming Skiplagged graduated early from his travel hacker roots and took the top spot in 2019. Why have you fallen so low this time? For one thing, our new second place (and others) has adopted Skiplagged’s main trick – the “hidden city” fare. The plan is to purchase an itinerary to drop off the plane and give up the flight before the final destination.

More importantly, the fare is only an average price. The Skiplagged had found some lows in the last-minute fare, but it was below average for the transatlantic fare even after six weeks.

There is also criticism: some seemingly cheap fares from suspicious OTAs are higher than competitors when you click and check the price. Also, Skiplagged doesn’t have a good filter and doesn’t publish baggage charges.


  • Offers savings through clever flight booking.
  • Simple interface for easy flight searches.
  • You can find lower fares with a unique booking approach.
  • Provides notifications for tracked flight price changes.
  • Allows users to discover destination ideas based on budget.


  • Hidden-city ticketing can violate airline rules.
  • Might face challenges with customer service.
  • Mostly suitable for one-way trips.
  • It might not cover all airlines or routes.
  • Bookings often lead to third-party platforms.

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Ticket Watchdog: The best website for your last flight

Like Scott’s Cheap Flights, Airfare Watchdog also has a team of flight hackers who are exploring the Internet for the most suitable deals on cheap fares. It includes error fares and last-minute discounts that you don’t know when to show up.

It is a great opportunity to save money for those who are flexible with travel schedules and can book flights as soon as they think.

The website is great and easy to understand. As soon as you enter the city name, Airfare Watchdog will display a list of available cheap flights on its homepage, and you may find a cheap ticket for less than $100 round trip. These deals are updated every day. At the top of the page, there is “Today’s Top Sale,” and in the “Tickets” category, there is “Weekend Sale.” Weekend plans are especially useful if you want to quickly plan a 3–4-day trip. You can also select the Take Me Anywhere option to see the express programs available from the departure airport. The difficulty is that almost all express deals are for American destinations. For example, if you want an express deal to somewhere south of the border, you may need to dig a little deeper.

And Airfare Watchdog is great for monitoring long-term price trends, so subscribe to airline alerts to receive updates when your airline’s prices change. Also, unlike Scott’s Cheap Flights, Airfare Watchdog is also available in Canada.


  • It helps find last-minute flight deals.
  • Convenient and user-friendly.
  • Offers price drop alerts.
  • Saves time by comparing multiple options.


  • Potential inaccuracies in flight info.
  • Limited flight options.
  • Hidden fees could be an issue.
  • Customization options might be limited.
  • Reliability concerns may arise.

Travel Aggregator

Aggregators collect information from many other websites. The travel aggregator works for you by gathering information from multiple websites and displaying it in one place. This resource will save you time and help you find the cheapest flights. It is important to remember that you cannot book a ticket directly on these sites. Instead, you can search for cheap flights, find them, and book on the first website you see. After finding a flight through a travel aggregator, it may be sent directly to the airline or OTA to make a reservation.


Inflation may be settling down, but travelers may still be feeling the pain of high flight rates. For those with flexible schedules and looking for great deals and inspiration, the available planning tools can be confusing and intimidating.

Finding the cheapest airline ticket may be more artistic than science, but many strategies and tools will help you in this search. The purpose and situation of the trip are different for each person. But with any of the above processes, you will be on the right path to a long-awaited trip without paying a high price.

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